Club Run, 13/8

The club run to Yaxham Waters saw the long overdue return of former stalwart Ian Fletcher. Sightings of a blue moon are yet to be confirmed. Ian looked sharp and fit.
Scott also returned for a short ride on his MTB and it was disappointing to see him struggling. It is to be hoped that he responds positively to the current treatment.
Trevor continued his 200+ m.p.w. stamina-building programme.
The route out was via Itteringham, Cawston, Haveringland, Attlebridge, Rotten Row, Welborne and Brakesfield Green.
The fast, tailwind assisted homeward-bound leg was through Etling Green, Elsing, Lyng and Lenwade.

PC to PC: 62 miles.
Max: 85 miles.