Club Run, 3/9

The weekend club run to Ludham saw the return of chunky little rouleur, Scott S and Beeston Chris.
Trevor, Ian S and John S were all getting in the miles ready for a hard winter ahead. The other member of the group of six was just out for the ride.
From the Banningham pick-up point the route was through Buxton to Great Hautbois, Coltishall St James, Hoveton Hall, Ashmanaugh, Cangate Common, Horning and Johnson Street to alfresco refreshments outside the Alfresco Cafe. The way home followed the lanes to the east before turning north to Hickling Heath, Ingham, Lessingham, Fox Hill, Crostwight Heath, Honing, Swanton Abbott and the final split to the north of Felmingham.
The last leg was a westwards push into the approaching rain for lasagne verde lenticchie rosse and Chianti Classico. Salute!

Banningham to Banningham: 47 miles
PC to PC: 65 miles
Max: 78 miles