Club Run, 8/10

Two riders from Pretty Corner picked up three more at the Aylsham pick-up point, but then it got complicated. Towards Oulton Street the farmer/contractor and his vehicles had removed the distinction between the ploughed field and the road, so it was decided to turn back to Abel Heath and follow the other leg, but too late, with one rider puncturing after a few minutes. Puncture fixed and ready to go, another puncture! The decision was made that four would proceed via a shorter route than planned and that the fifth member of the group would chase once his puncture was sorted. However, nothing is so simple with the North Norfolk Wheelers and the four managed to go off compass altogether, following a contorted route that left them well over half an hour behind the lone chaser at the refreshment stop.

It was good see both Geoff and Nick waiting at the cafe. They left just as the late-comers arrived.
The return route was necessarily a short one, by way of Fulmodeston, Hindolveston, Guestwick, Cawston Southgate and Abel Heath on by now dry roads.

It is to be hoped that new man, John F, doesn’t assume that it is chaos every week.

It was nice to see stocky cockney randonneur, Ian S managing to get out more again.

Seven riders in total: – Trevor, Robin, Nick, John F., Ian S., Geoff, Harvey.

Distances ranged from mid-forties to mid-sixties.