Club Run, 12/11 -(+ *Fast Group?)

With cold rain forecast to persist all day, it was decided that sitting in the cafe wet and then starting off again was less attractive than a non-stop ride.

From Pretty Corner the route was through Erpingham to the pick-up at Banningham, then on to Antingham, Trunch, Bacton Wood, Ebridge mill, Meeting Hill and Worstead to the split at Swanton Abbott.

Conditions: wet, with a chilly south east breeze.

Banningham to Banningham: 26 miles/PC to PC: 47 miles/Max: 55 miles

Post-run cup of tea: nectar

*In view of the longer-term decline of weekend club runs, as well as the need to recruit younger members, Luke Morgan has indicated that he would put together a faster group for those who might be interested — something to think about?