Club Run, 26/11 – [+ “What is a club run?”*]


Five riders left the Sheringham area and two more from the Itteringham pick up point for today’s run to the Bull at Walsingham. Taking advantage of the excellent conditions for cycling we followed a maze of north Norfolk lanes via Mannington, Saxthorpe, the Rookery route to Briston, on through Stody, Brinton, Sharrington, Bale and Hindringham, picking up the by road to Great Walsingham and the ford across to the refuelling stop at the Bull. The homeward leg was up the beautiful Stiffkey valley, through the Barshams to the Snorings, Hindolveston, Guestwick and Odessa to the split at Wood Dalling, where the Sheringham contingent headed north and the eastern section continued to Oulton and Abel Heath.

PC to PC: 59 miles/Itt to Itt: 48 miles/Max:66 miles

Kevin, Christine, Trevor, Brian, Nick, Geoff, Harvey were out.

Glorious dry, bright, cold conditions for a brisk cycle ride

*During the rest and refreshment stop there was a lot of heated discussion about what constitutes a cycle club run and ways in which club cycling has changed during the latest boom in the activity. As usual it proved impossible to achieve any sort of consensus, but numerous ideas were mooted, including Sunday club runs and some longer club runs. The only unanimous decision was that the runs leader is well past it and needs to stay at home dreaming about Reynolds 531 tubing, Conloy Asp rims and February 100 mile ‘reliability rides’ in the snow. The problem is that in the age of Garmin most of the other punters seem to have difficulty navigating round their own house.