Club Run, 10/12

GUIST POST OFFICE – “I’m sure there was a bike attached to this the last time I looked.”

After tuning his climbing legs in the Tuscan Eroica, gnarled septuagenarian grimpeur Barry ‘Baz’ C was back for his monthly run out with the Wheelers.

From the pick-up point at Itteringham, the route out to the stylish and friendly cafe at Guist Post Office went by way of Wood Dalling, Odessa, Guestwick, Foulsham and Bintree mill.

Homeward bound was via Themelthorpe, Hackford, Whitwell, Reepham, Booton, Cawston Eastgate and Abel Heath to the split in Aylsham market place.

Trevor, Nick, Harvey, Geoff, Brian, Barry were out for a good December leg stretcher in mild weather.

Conditions: mild, dark and damp, with intermittent light rain.

Itteringham to Itteringham: 42 miles/ PC to PC: 57 miles/ Max. 61 miles.