Club Run, 17/12

This was a good brisk winter club run with a fit group of seven (max) out. The longer outward leg was via Erpingham, Ingworth, Banningham, Antingham, Bradfield church, Swafield, Edingthorpe Green, Honing, Dilham, Tunstead and Coltishall St. James.

The nourishment at the Rising Sun was very good; the chilli made a well known mile eating mangeur’s eyes water.

Not wanting to overcook it on his latest comeback from injury, Malcolm headed straight home, while the rest of the bunch headed off on their shorter return route by way of Belaugh Green, Tunstead and Scottow church, dropping off riders on the way, then pressing on to Buxton, Brampton, Burgh, Aylsham, Ingworth and Bessingham for the final split and the last few miles into the gathering gloom.

Another benign December day for some solid stamina building miles.

Brian, Guy, Harvey, John S., Kevin, Malcolm, Trevor were out today.

PC to PC: 57 miles/ Max: 72 miles.

No punctures over miles of hacky, clarty roads.