Club Run, 28/1 & George Nash Trophy

It was good to see Geoff and Nick at the PC starting point after a long absence. Three rode to Itteringham, crossing John Hayward on his training ride, to pick up two more for the weekend club run to the cafe at Guist Post Office. The outward leg tacked through a lot of lanes to minimise the impact of a rising southerly. The route was via Cawston, Brandiston, Eade’s Mill, Blackwater, Jordan Green, Themelthorpe, Guestwick Green, Foulsham and Watery Lane. Homeward was shorter, but equally devious, by way of Bintree Mill, Kerdiston, Odessa, Wood Dalling, Saxthorpe and Mannington to the split at Wolterton, where two continued eastwards and three headed back towards the north coast.

Conditions: stiff cool southerly and more sun than anticipated.

PC to PC: 57 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham: 40 miles/ Max: 68 miles.

Brian, Geoff, Harvey, Malcolm and Nick.

I’m not sure who reads this stuff, apart from Geoff and Trevor, but may I take this opportunity to pass on my thanks to Chris and the team for awarding me the George Nash Trophy. The present custodian will cherish this handsome 1902 Art Nouveau silver coffee pot – (J&W Deakin, Sidney Works, Sheffield). Many thanks also to John Morgan for taking the time to make the impromptu presentation. In declining a celebratory dram of whisky (Caol Ila), John displayed admirable devotion to both training discipline and domestic duty. Slainte!