Club Run to Rackheath, 4/2/17

Geoff and Nick set out from Pretty Corner to meet the larger contingent at Banningham, but cleat problems meant that they missed the rest of the Wheelers and ended up going to Cart Gap.

The main run was led by Trevor through Buxton, Stratton Strawless and Frettenham and down Granny Bard’s Lane to the break at the Hilltop Cafe at Rackheath, which is noted for good value decent food and drink.

Luckily the band of rain which had started late morning had passed over for the return ride up to Wroxham bridge and then Ashmanaugh, Worstead and Swanton Abbott, from where people headed home in various directions.

There could have been eight out today, but with two delayed by a cleat and one having to work, the main bunch was depleted to a fit bunch of five.

Brian, Ian S., Kevin, Malcolm and Trevor – (Geoff and Nick) all got some solid miles in.

Generally dry and cold with a band of heavy rain through the middle of the day.

Distances varied a lot, with a maximum of 50 odd.