Club Run, 18/2

Four riders left Pretty Corner, picking up another en route to Itteringham, where two more were waiting. The route out to Hempton into a fairly stiff south westerly wind tacked through the lanes by way of Saxthorpe, Crabgate, Tyby, Wood Norton and Stibbard, before finishing off on a more direct route by way of Great Ryburgh and Pudding Norton. One rider departed from the bunch to do some speed training on the A1067 before rejoining the group for some high quality, good value nourishment.

The return ride started off through the back roads of Fakenham town and then on through Thorpland, Great Snoring, Gunthorpe, Swanton Novers, Pigg’s Grave (one of the few points in Norfolk over 100 metres above sea level), Burgh Parva, Hindolveston, Foundry Hill to a two-way split at Corpusty, from where the younger contingent headed back towards the coast and the older group continued into deepest Norfolk (Aylsham).

Barry, Geoff, Harvey, Kevin, Malcolm, Nick and Trevor made up the NNW bunch for this weekend’s run.

Conditions: Chilly start, but nice when the sun broke through.

PC to PC: 58 miles/ Max: 74 miles.