Club Runs, 8/4 & 15/4

April 8th: With regular riders missing through injury, domestic duty and work commitments, the four Wheelers who could make it today took the follow your nose route to Pensthorpe, consequently ending up at Guist Post Office, which has a decent cafe anyway. The way back was via the “direct route”, although no-one seems to know where that goes.

Barry, Brian, Nick and Robin got some miles in and had some tasty refreshments.

April 15th: A continuing back injury kept the bunch down to five Wheelers, who departed from the Banningham pick-up at a good brisk pace assisted by a stiff tailwind. A loud metallic crack at Swanton Abbott signified the death of bottom bracket bearings, so, after a brief attempt to ride carefully home, Brian was forced to call up assistance with a replacement bike.

Four pushed on by way of the longer route over Brumstead Common to Ingham, Calthorpe Street and Sea Palling to the busy refreshment stop at Waxham, where one rider was able to replenish his dwindling stock of bananas (Musa sapientum). After collecting his replacement machine, Brian time-trialled with wind assistance on fixed wheel via a shorter route to the cafe.

With the coast road busy for the holiday weekend, the Wheelers retraced through the lanes to Ingham, before picking up more small lanes over Happisburgh Common, Ridlington Street and Witton Bridge to the familiar route through Knapton, Trunch and Bradfield, from which point riders started to peel off for home.

Trevor, Nick, Malcolm, Harvey and Brian got in some good brisk miles in fresh, bright and windy April conditions. The coldest and most overcast part of the day coincided largely with the time in the cafe.

PC to PC: 70 miles/ Banningham to Banningham: 53 miles/ Max: 81 miles.