Club Run, 24/6

There were only three riders out this weekend for what is probably N.N.W.’s hilliest standard club run. The route to Janey’s at Hethersett descends into and climbs out of the valleys of the Scarrowbeck, the Bure, the Blackwater, the Wensum, the Tud and the Yare, as well as stiff climbs over the Slade Hills and the Telegraph. The return route ran parallel over a series of similar climbs. None of the Wheelers were daunted by the succession of ascents, taking advantage of a level of fitness accumulated on hard winter and early year rides.

Janey’s Village Cafe has become so popular that the N.N.W. trio had to wait outside for ten minutes before a table became available, but it was worth the wait.

Geoff, Ian and Harvey got in some decent miles in good cycling conditions and look forward to seeing more clubmates next week for the run to Great Walsingham Barns (a.k.a. ‘The Posh Pie Shop’)

PC to PC: 61 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham: 46 miles/ Max; 72 miles.