Club Run, 1/7

It was great to see Scott at Pretty Corner for the club run to Walsingham Barns. This was a gutsy ride by Scott, who is getting into good shape in preparation for the final stage of his drawn out harrowing course of treatment.

Four left PC to pick up the Oriental section at Itteringham bridge before heading out by way of Barningham Green, Edgefield, Stody, Brinton, Saxlingham, Field Dalling, Binham Westgate and Copy’s Green to the cafe at Great Walsingham, where the seven Wheelers made the most of the highly-renowned pies and tarts – (like feeding strawberries to donkeys).

The more southerly homeward loop went up the Stiffkey valley to the Barshams, climbing over to Great Snoring and then on via Thursford, Gunthorpe, Swanton Novers, Hindolveston, Thurning and Corpusty, where the bunch split into two groups for the last few miles.

Trevor, Scott, Nick, Malcolm, Harvey, Geoff and Brian enjoyed a fresh, bright and breezy day to cover distances ranging between 65 miles and 72 miles.

Next week – Pretty Corner, 10.00 and Banningham, 10.45 for a sortie into the Broads.