Club Run, 5/8

With two of the regulars committed elsewhere, six Wheelers departed from the Itteringham pick-up point to follow the less well known route to Briston, via Little London, Hellpit Lane – (where one rider spotted some of the new vogue hay bails wrapped in shocking pink plastic) – and Growle Abbey, then on to Burnthouse to join the more traditional NNW route to Pensthorpe via Hindolveston and Kettlestone.

During the refreshment break in the courtyard, the main topic of conversation was the Wheelers ‘Ride With’ Cycling Weekly on 30th September.

The mainly tailwind assisted homeward leg climbed over the ridge to the Ryburghs, before following the quiet side of the Wensum to North Elmham, where the bunch turned eastwards, trying to keep ahead of the weather system advancing from the south-west. The rain eventually caught up just before Foxley, but we managed to stay on the showery leading edge of it for ten miles until it became more sustained in the Wood Dalling area. Following the split, near Heydon, the north-bound contingent ran into drier conditions again for their final push towards home. One Wheeler rode passed his own house in dry conditions to accompany the others to the final split at Barningham Winter. No more than 60 metres after the parting of the ways there was an audible unauthorised deflation of a good quality new tyre fitted yesterday afternoon. On starting to fix what was assumed to be a sidewall split (knackered tyre!), the rain started again, only heavier, then the thunder started to rumble … ! All was not lost however as the the UD turned out to be little more than a small hole in the tyre wall, while the storm skirted away towards the north-east.

Another of the Wheelers suffered a UD later, but was extremely fortunate that this occurred outside his own house >>>>> where his son was waiting to make a hot drink, run a bath and wash his father’s wet kit >>>>>>> dream on!

Trevor, Harvey, Geoff, David C, Brian and Barry were out today.

PC to PC: 59 miles/ Max: 70 miles (Brian).

Unauthorised Deflations: 2