Club Run, 12/8

Only five of the weekend regulars were able to make it for the club run to the familiar Smallsticks Cafe at Cart Gap on the coast to the south-east of Happisburgh. From the Banningham pick-up point the group headed north and east through Antingham, Trunch and Knapton before turning southwards by way of Dead Man’s Grave, Edingthorpe Green, Witton, Ridlington Street and the maze of lanes to the east of the busy Walcott-Stalham road. After an overcast and windy morning, it was just about warm enough to sit outside for the refreshment break.

The weather opened out in the afternoon to one of those glorious bright and breezy late-summer days that are ideal for riding a bike. The return trip was via Lessingham, Brumstead Common, East Ruston, Honing, Dilham, Anchor Street, Scottow, Swanton Hill, Felmingham, Suffield, Deer’s Glade, Alby Hill and Bessingham.

David, Geoff, Harvey, Malcolm and Trevor.

PC to PC: 60 miles/ Max: 77 miles