On the cog with the ‘Comic’, 30/9

Trevor, Tessa, Malcolm, John M, John H, Ian S, Harvey, Graham, Geoff, Dave C, CJ, Brian, Amanda and Alban were joined for the club run to Pensthorpe by Owen and Andy from Cycling Weekly. It was good to see Geoff Paice who had come up from Sheringham to fill Owen in on some of the Wheelers’ history. The group were joined at the Courtyard Cafe by Mike and by Andy the photographer.

The presence of CW caused the run leader to recall his favourite front page from the magazine, which depicted half a dozen riders, in various states of distress, hanging on to the wheel of Eddy Merckx in the July heat of the Vosges Mountains during the 1969 Tour. The caption read – ‘Merckx drives the infernal train on the Ballon d’Alsace’.

A cool morning gave way to warm sun, enabling the Wheelers to sit out in the Courtyard for refreshments and also to enjoy a lovely run back to Pretty Corner with a rising tailwind.

Pretty Corner to Pretty Corner was 49 miles, with people riding  a range of distances to and from the start.

Owen thoroughly enjoyed his day ‘Riding with North Norfolk Wheelers’.