Club Run, 7/10

After last week’s photo-shoot potter round the lanes, normal service was almost resumed, although Malcolm was in Coventry – (it isn’t known who sent him) and Alban was on a gastronomic trip to ‘Auld Reekie’ – (mutton pies and deep-fried Mars Bars). However, the Saturday run welcomed back Brian (El Rey del Camino), showing no sign of fatigue following his 1,000 kms. ride through eastern Spain and also Comrades Marathon veteran, Guy.

The weekend bunch are also looking forward to the return of Nick once he settles down into his new house in Aylsham.

After a direct ride to Itteringham to pick up more riders, the bunch took a meandering route by way of Plumstead, Edgefield Heath, Briston, Craymere, Guestwick Green, Foulsham and Bintree watermill to the Post Office Tea Room at Guist. In the eclectic tradition of North Norfolk Wheelers, the conversation over refreshments ranged from bodily functions – (scatology in polite circles) to the 200 cc Tiger Cub to Spanish irrigation systems to Hegelian Dialectics; perhaps the Saturday club runs need to be longer and more testing.

The way back to base was via the maze of lanes between Upper Guist and Foulsham, then on through Themelthorpe, passing Hackford Hall to Whitwell Common, Eade’s Mill, Booton and Cawston to the two-way split at Oulton Street.

A group of six – with more due back next week: – Brian; Dave C; Geoff; Guy; Harvey; Trevor.

Conditions: The early starter had 20 minutes rain before it cleared to a decent day with just the odd drizzle shower. The heavier rain didn’t arrive until about 4.15, when everyone was back home. A fairly stiff south westerly gave a headwind out and tailwind back. – > The Met Office are claiming 18 degrees C for next weekend.

This was a relatively short club run, amounting to 54 miles from PC to PC.