Club Run, 11/11

Three left Pretty Corner to pick up six more at Banningham for the club run to Cart Gap. One of the attractions of north-east Norfolk is that we can follow a whole range of different routes to and from familiar venues without becoming stale. The bunch of nine went out by way of Colby School, Hylton Crossways, Lodge Farm, Swanton Hill, Sloley Hall, Anchor Street, Smallburgh, Honing, East Ruston and Happisburgh Common.

The busy staff at the Smallsticks Cafe were unfazed by the sudden and unannounced influx of a nonet of cyclists or by the weird drinks that some of them order these days.

The rising cold dry wind proved to be a bit of a shove on parts of the route back, via Walcott Hall, Ridlington, Witton Bridge, Pollard Street, Bacton, Edingthorpe, Dead Man’s Grave, Knapton and Trunch to the split at Bradfield, from where the three rider northern contingent pressed on to Thorpe Hamlet, Hanworth, Sustead and Gresham for the final parting of the ways after a brisk exhilarating club run in marvellous bright conditions on dry roads.

One U.D. – (a slashed front Conti, which had to be patched with a piece of sticky plastic).

Wheelers out: Trevor; Robin; Malcolm; Kevin; Ian S; Harvey; Geoff; Dave C; Brian.

Distances covered ranged from 43 miles to 72 miles, demonstrating the flexibility of NNW club runs.

Next week: Pretty Corner, 10.00. Itteringham bridge, 10.30 for somewhere not too far south-west.