Club Run, 25/11

Following the recent pattern of mild midweeks and cold weekends, it was a chilly day for the club run to Walsingham, especially when it clouded over and a fresh westerly got up. The route out was through Corpusty and over Crow Hill to Thurning before the familiar direct route by way of the Snorings. On arrival at the scheduled refreshment stop at Great Walsingham Barns, one rider decided that their pies are rubbish and that he would rather have a bowl of hot soup, so the bunch lowped over the river to the Norton Centre, which was quiet and comfortable.

The sun appeared again in the afternoon for the ride back over the ford and on to Hindringham, Bale and the familiar villages to Cross Street at the top of Edgefield, where the north coast riders headed straight on and the other four climbed over the heath and on to Erpingham for the final split.

Some of the Wheelers were obviously affected by the cold as they were unable to distinguish between oil seed rape (Brassica napus) and turnips (Brassica rapa) – this confusion possibly stemmed from the apparent ambiguity in the Latin binomial nomenclature!

Brian, Geoff, Graham, Harvey, Malcolm and Robin put in distances between 50 miles and 67 miles on a sharp dry day.