Club Run, 23/12

Three from Pretty Corner picked up another three on the bridge for the penultimate weekend club run of 2017. The outward route looped south to the Wensum valley at Attlebridge before turning north again via Alderford and Eade’s Mill to Kerri’s Pine Cafe in the Victorian station house at Reepham. Over the refreshment break the club runs leader was presented with a card and lovely little book on ‘thoughts for cyclists’. Although this was thoroughly undeserved, the recipient would like to communicate his thanks to those who were unable to make it today for the kind wishes expressed in the card.

The short homeward bound course was along the quiet lane through Kerdiston and Guestwick to Wood Dalling, Heydon Park and Oulton church, where two headed east and the rest continued back to Itteringham and beyond.

Out on this excellent midwinter day for cycling were Trevor, Robin, Phil – (switching to 1st Claim), Harvey, Geoff and Brian.

PC to PC: 45 miles – (shortest of the year), but two ended up with 60 odd miles.