Weekend Club Run, 4/3

Bugs and viruses were no more than a distant memory, but the back end of the ‘Beast from the East’ continued to influence events.

It was good to see Nick, who rode directly from his new house along the Trans Norfolk Highway to meet the others just as they were leaving the cafe. Following his long absence, Nick was in reasonable shape – or at least nothing that a few hard intervals off the front with Brian couldn’t fettle. Brian was riding a bike with a 25½ inch frame – ouch!

Conditions: a slow thaw accelerating in the afternoon. Gritted bus routes generally decent all day, although some carriageways seriously reduced in width. Back roads improved significantly during the afternoon. A surprisingly warm couple of hours of sunshine after a murky damp start.

Cars stuck in snowdrifts: 1

Fields crossed to avoid blocked lane: 2

Motorbikes on field avoiding blocked lane: 1

Distance: up to a maximum of 60 miles.