Club Run, 31/3

Only Malcolm, Brian, Geoff and Harvey made this traditional Easter club run (i.e. cold, wet and double the usual volume of traffic). This was a figure-of-eight route via Erpingham, Ingworth, Silvergate (‘Siggat’), Abel Heath, Tyby, Wood Norton, Upper Guist, Guist Post Office Tearoom (refreshments), Bintree Mill, Foulsham, Hindolveston, Craymere ford, Briston, Cross Street (split), Barningham Green, Wolterton, Erpingham, Thwaite Common (split).

At Little Barningham, the remaining trio bumped into the shamelessly over-geared African ‘tester’ Guy T, warming up for the time-trial season.

PC to PC: 48 miles/ Erpingham (pick-up point) to Erpingham: 41 miles/ Max: 68 miles.

Sunny spells: zero

Consistent with early spring custom, someone suggested a couple of longer runs in the summer. This has become less and less likely over recent years. One way would be for a few keen riders to do an extra loop. Another suggestion would be for a concerted effort to get away a bit sooner on the odd summer day.