Club Run, 7/4

Obviously graduates of the Michael Fish school of meteorological forecasting, two of the Wheelers thought that today was ‘Milk Bottle Leg Day’, donning shorts on a chilly morning with a fresh south-easterly. Thankfully it did turn warm and rather humid in the afternoon, which is a nice change after a drawn-out winter.

Nine riders departed from the Banningham pick-up to push into the wind by way of Tuttington, Swanton Hill, Worstead, Briggate, East Ruston, Brumstead Common, Ingham and Calthorpe Street before refuelling at Waxham Great Barn. The outward bound distance from PC to Waxham was 34 miles, rather than the original lazy estimate of 30 miles.

The pleasant tailwind route back was along the coast to Lessingham before cutting inland to Happisburgh Hall and the little lanes to Ridlington Street, Bacton Wood, Edingthorpe Green, Dead Man’s Grave, Knapton and Trunch before a split in the bunch at Southrepps Lower Street. Five of the bunch then pushed on by way of Thorpe Market and the familiar lanes back towards the north coast.

Bunch: Brian; Geoff; Graham A; Harvey; Ian; Malcolm; Robin; Sue; Trevor.

PC to PC: 62 miles/ Max: 74 miles.

Next week’s Aylsham (Market) start time has been changed to 10.15