Club Run, 19/5

Five departed from Pretty Corner to pick up four more at Itteringham. Unfortunately Geoff suffered a sidewall slit after only eight miles, so had to nurse the patched tyre home. Ian F, who hasn’t been out for a while, soon turned off, leaving seven riders, including Cyclo-cross specialist Nick from Crawley Wheelers (312 members). Following the early delay a shorter route was taken, via Oulton, Cawston, Booton, Eade’s Mill, Lyng, Cadder’s Hill, Hockering Wood and Clippings Green to the excellent Tabnabs Cafe at Mattishall. Tabnabs was surprisingly deserted due to some event taking place down south. The homeward leg dipped through the lanes to the south before turning back past Dereham FC, Etling Green, Elsing, Mill Street, Sparham, Hackford Hall, Kerdiston, Odessa, Corpusty, Mattishall and Thurgarton for a two way split as three headed for Cromer and the Crab and Lobster Festival. Dave C offered to share his ‘Protein Balls’, although some Wheelers declined as they weren’t sure whether these were sweetmeats or sweetbreads!

Total group: Sue; Robin; Nick; Ian F; Harvey; Graham A; Geoff; Dave ‘Protein Balls’ C; Brian.

PC to PC: 62 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham: 50 miles/ Max: 84 miles.

NB: Geoff changed his tyre and managed to get in 55 miles, while also encountering Scott S and Ben M en route.

This week’s featured riderBrian

Aliases: ‘El Rey del Camino‘; ‘The Alby Engine’; ‘The Bosun’.

Brian is one of North Norfolk Wheelers’ core riders, with a close involvement going back over a good number of years. As an ultra-veteran ‘tester’ Brian continues to turn out good times in the club events. Brian also finds time to be a keen sailor, crewing for a lady mariner. Since riding the length of eastern Spain last year, Brian has developed the habit of bursting spontaneously into Spanish, which is disconcerting for the rest of the group, who are still struggling to master English

Favourite bike: anything steel salvaged from a skip and restored.

Favourite cafe: Bircham Mill

Favourite route: via Fustyweed and Watery Lane to Upper Guist

Favourite club run foods: 1. Salad 2. Tortillas

MottoSalve nauta.