Bruce McEwen Memorial Ride, 2nd June (updated)

At Felmingham church gate, Trevor, Scott, Malcolm, Ian, Harvey and Geoff chatted to Heather and son, Will (who is looking as fit as a lop), before setting off on the 3rd annual Bruce McEwen Memorial Ride to Waxham Great Barn. With the threatened/promised drought-breaking downpour eventually arriving at 13.20, Scott, working his way back to fitness, sensibly threw on a sub for the second half – (robust midfielder Dave C). However, the heavy rain lasted for no more than an hour and, judging by the amount of floodwater passed through in some parts, the bunch apparently got off lightly.

Bruce was that rare phenomenon, a gentleman cyclist. He loved club runs, arguably to a greater degree than any other North Norfolk Wheeler in recent years. This commemoratory ride has nothing to do with morbid sentimentality, but we feel that Bruce would have enjoyed the idea of being remembered on a club run and that seems to be as good a reason as any.

PC to PC: 60 miles/ Felmingham to Felmingham: 40 miles/ Max: 74 miles.

Heather McEwen said “I would just like to say how we as a family (myself, Will and Ed) appreciate knowing you do the Bruce McEwen Memorial Ride. It was great to catch up with some of you on the 2nd June at our church gate, it means a lot to us. Bruce always liked his club runs on Saturdays and also the Wednesday runs. He would tell me all about each trip out. But he did not like it if it was windy! I just read the Club Run, 2/6 report and yes, Bruce would really have liked the idea of being remembered in this way. Thank you.”