Club Run, 9/6

It was good to see Ben out after a long absence. We were also joined by time trialist and trackman, James from Welwyn Wheelers (235 members). Unfortunately, Dave snapped his gear hanger at Cawston and, despite removing the rear mec and extracting some chainlinks, the chain wouldn’t stay in line. This mishap occurred right outside the house of two keen coureurs, who were incredibly helpful in providing various tools and spares in an ultimately fruitless attempt to sort the problem. One of the most positive features of getting out on the bike is meeting people like that. The incident also served to demonstrate just how ill-equipped the Wheelers can be when out on summer bikes. Dave consequently spent a varied day: stuffing his face in All Things Nice; a family visit to a garden centre; weightlifting; dog walking. Meanwhile the remaining seven riders followed a relatively hilly route down to the King’s Head at Hethersett. The return trip ventured a bit further west, climbed back over the Telegraph and followed the lanes back through Reepham to Corpusty and Barningham Winter, where the bunch split in two for the final few miles.

Bunch: Ben; Geoff; Graham A; Harvey; Ian; James; Malcolm + Dave for the early bits.

PC to PC: 61 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham; 49 miles/ Max: 75 miles.

Conditions: chilly for June; overcast with a stiff northerly breeze.

One snapped derailleur hanger and one cut sidewall, requiring a patch.