Club Run, 30/6

Holidays restricted the bunch to five Wheelers for the run to Coltishall Red Lion. Robin, Malcolm, Harvey, David and Brian did a bit of a tour of the quiet lanes of the north-western Broads by way of Ashmanaugh, Neatishead, Barton Broad, Irstead, Alderfen Broad and Belaugh Green to the refreshment break. The return route was via Heggatt Hall, Frettenham, Stratton Strawless, Buxton, White Cross, Aylsham, Drabblegate and back to Erpingham, where the riders attempted to remove some of the melted tar from their tyres before heading off in different directions.

PC to PC: 61 miles/ Erpingham to Erpingham: 44 miles/ Max: 74 miles.

The run leader apologises to the football fans in the group for claiming that the 3.00 kick-off match would be rubbish and not worth rushing back for.