Club Run, 21/7

Dukinfield CC’s Nathan joined the Wheelers again for this week’s club run to Cart Gap. A group of seven enjoyed some tailwind assistance for a a fairly fast ride by way of Thwaite Common, Alby Common, Antingham, Trunch, Knapton, Dead Man’s Grave, Witton and Hill 60. We were joined at Smallsticks by two other riders. It was good to see Trevor able to get out despite his recent tribulations and we are optimistic that the forthcoming treatment will have the best possible outcome. Nick joined the bunch for the homeward run, fine-tuning his comeback fitness by engaging in a couple of tussles with the younger section.

The return route looped south from Honing along the maze of lanes around Frankfort and Sloley, before heading back over Swanton Hill to Banningham, Erpingham, Wickmere, Bessingham and Gresham.

Group: Nathan; Malcolm; Harvey; Graham J; Geoff; David; Barry + Trevor and Nick later.

PC to PC: 60 miles/ Erpingham (pick-up) to Erpingham: 44 miles/ Max: 79 miles.