Club Run,9/11/19

On a gloriously sharp autumn day, MattyM joined Ben, Mark Mc and Harvey for the ride down to the pick up point, where there were no takers. This was a fairly brisk ride out on an undulating route to Nelson’s Cafe by way of Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston, Stody, Brinton, Sharrington, Field Dalling, Binham, Wighton, Crabbe’s Castle and Holkham Park. Malcolm and Geoff rode straight to the cafe. The shorter way back was through Warham, Binham, Cockthorpe, Langham, Wiveton and High Kelling to the split on Bodham Hill, from where two continued eastwards to Erpingham before going their own separate ways.

Over Cockthorpe Common a young ‘lady’ shouted from a car window a word that she obviously needs to check the meaning of.

One puncture: very large flint, picked up by a rider on the shorter route.

The distances varied considerably up to a maximum of 73 miles.