Run down to Coltishall

Seven riders rode what one Wheeler described as a “circuitous route” to the Coltishall Red Lion and back. The more westerly outward route went by way of Banningham, Burgh Hall, Brampton, Buxton, Stratton Strawless, Hainford, a detour round the back of Langmere Lakes, Frettenham and Heggatt Hall. Between Banningham and Brampton much attention focused on attempting to locate the source of the billowing black smoke to the west (which turned out to be the extensive derelict chicken huts at Marsham Fengate). The easterly leg back was via Belaugh Green, Crowgate Street, the International Farm Camp at Tunstead, Dilham, Honing, Bacton Wood, Edingthorpe, Knapton, Trunch, Gunton Station, Thorpe Market, Hanworth (split), Sustead and Gresham church (split).

Bunch: Barry; Brian; Geoff; Graham A; Harvey; Ian S; Mark.

Sheringham to Sheringham: 62 miles.