Tempestuous Peregrination to Mundesley

It was another windy Saturday for the ride out to the east coast and back. Three North Norfolk Wheelers followed a figure-of eight route by way of Erpingham, Banningham, Colby school, Rugg’s Hall, Antingham, Bradfield, Trunch Brewery Lane, Stump Cross, the Old Nurses’ Home, Mundesley Corner House, Paston, Edingthorpe, Dead Man’s Grave, Pigney’s Wood, Swafield, Bradfield, Tops Hill, Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Sustead and Gresham church for the parting of the ways. One rider was blown to a standstill by a big gust along the Gunton station to Thorpe Market stretch.

The main body of the ride started and ended fixing punctures against the wall of Gresham church at 10.00 and 15.20 – (both hawthorns). As the only puncture-free rider, it was payback time for the 2019 Highest Number of Punctures award ‘winner’.

Geoff; Brian; Harvey – GBH, which is what the mid-morning squall felt like.

Sheringham to Sheringham: 51 miles.