**North Norfolk Wheelers Cycling Time Trials 2020 Rules**

North Norfolk Wheelers Cycling Time Trials 2020 – Updated 26/6/2020

CTT have provisionally allowed club time trials (Type B events) to commence from the 12th July, pending CTT confirmation.  We propose to start with a 10 mile TT at Pretty Corner on Tuesday 14th July at 7pm – See the proposed schedule, locations and start times here https://nnwheelers.co.uk/time-trials/events/

Please follow the specific guidance for our club events in line with CTT guidance as follows:

  1. Do not turn up if you feel ill in ANY way especially if they or family members have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  2. Payment will be online only by 6pm the previous day and must be made to the club account stating ‘TT fee and rider surname’ in the comments. It will be £3 members for 1st and 2nd claim members and £5 guests as previously.  Please make this payable to North Norfolk Wheelers Cycling Club, sort code 09-01-29, account no.19987590 (bank Santander). If you set this up in advance then easy to pay online or by phone app. No payment  = no race. If the event is cancelled on the day or over the permitted numbers (maximum 30 riders) your payment will roll over to the next event you enter.
  3. If the car park is crowded do not double park and use alternative parking at Pretty Corner Woods (sign posted off the main road). All static warm-ups are prohibited in the layby.  Set-up bike and then warm-up on the road or at an alternative location.
  4. Do not socialise in large groups and this may cause a negative perception and should be avoided.
  5. A helmet is strongly advised and is mandatory for junior riders. Junior riders under 18 also need a parental consent form handed in at the start. https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/index/guardians
  6. A rear light that works at the start is mandatory, without one you cannot ride.
  7. Spectators are welcome to view from laybys along the route, but do not gather close to the riders in the layby.
  8. All riders must sign on at start from 30 minutes before the start. You will be have been allocated a number so no changes or additions on the night.  No sign on after event starts. Riders to sign start sheet preferably with their own pen/pencil and add emergency contact details.
  9. 1st and 2nd claim paid-up members who regularly attend will have been allocated numbers (1 to 21) and will keep these for the season. Check you have paid your membership and provided membership form.  They do not have to ride each week (suggested at least 50% of the races) but if extended period of not riding to hand back the cleaned number.  Guests and other club member riders will take the disposible number allocated to them on the night from 22 onwards or lower numbers where available. Put your own number on, unless you have a member of household/or bubble with you to help.
  10. Riders to line up 1 metre apart up to 5 minutes before their allocated start time. Please ensure no more than 5 riders queuing – if more than 5 please wait elsewhere to line up (e.g. rider 1 at 7.00pm, rider 2 at 7.01pm and so on). Riders set off at 1 minute intervals.
  11. The timekeeper will state 30 seconds to go then count you down from 10 seconds – riders will start themselves from a standing start.
  12. Normal CTT rules apply with drafting, i.e. pass the rider at a safe distance (preferably >1m) and the passed rider to allow a gap of >30m to form so as not to gain an advantage.
  13. On crossing the line shout your number at the finish to help the timekeeper. No sign off or number return is required.
  14. At the end the provisional results will only be published online via the club Facebook page within 30 minutes of last rider and later the website to avoid gathering round a printed results sheet. Final results with handicaps will be processed later in the week and put on the website.
  15. Most, if not all club trophies will still be up for grabs!
  16. Happy time trialling!

Rider Checklist: Pay entry fee online before day of event, bring pen/pencil to sign on, pin on own number, line up less than 5 mins before start, self start when told to start, shout number at finish, do not wait in layby for results but check online. 

Provisional allocated numbers and set order so far:

  1. Susie Towning
  2. Tim Daykin
  3. Amanda Marshall
  4. Phil West
  5. Sarah Jay
  6. Guy Thorold
  7. Brian Platts
  8. Richard Collyer
  9. Mark Watson
  10. Mike Padfield
  11. Adrian Jay
  12. Paul Elvin
  13. John Morgan
  14. Phil Watkins
  15. John Hayward
  16. Paul Harrowing
  17. Graham Denny
  18. Nigel Walsh
  19. Carl Mace
  20. Callum Steadman
  21. Kim Morrison
  22. (or lower number if space) – Other NNW club members and Guests

Time trials will be in accordance with the CTT rules https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/articles/view/11, road or TT bike, solo riders only unless otherwise advised..  We welcome new/guest riders to the club.  If new to time trialling please read pages on the CTT website – see here https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/articles/view/28