Club Run to The View cafe, Mundesley on 20th October 2021 

Strangely, only three Wheelers braved the overnight deluge, forecast strong SW winds and heavy thunderstorms to meet up at Pretty Corner, for Jane’s planned ride to Mundesley. Jane, wisely had passed the route onto Andrew B and decided to stay somewhere warmer and dryer.  Mark, however foreseeing the likely reduction in numbers had pre-planned an alternative 37mile route via Mundesley so Jane can lead her route another time, Yay! You can thank Mark later Jane!

After an earlier dry and sunny spell to fool the optimistic, 10:30 at Pretty Corner saw torrential rain and a howling South Westerly, surely it can only get better said the three wise men. Eventually it did get better and we saw blue skies and sunshine but that was after negotiating many flooded roads of varying and unknown depths (it were only half way up the ducks, claimed the yokel) also removing two large branches blocking some obscure road, only to have a motorist sail down the road moments later, oblivious of our good deed.

So our southerly route took us through West Beckham, Barningham Winter, Alby Hill, Erpingham, Colby, Bradfield, Trunch and eventually, after Graham’s shoes could take no more water, we arrived at Mundesley and decided to try the former Jonet restaurant, now The View. The food was tasty, but maybe smaller portions and a little pricier than usual. Surprisingly, by now the sun was beating through the window and drying out the Wheelers and their gear prior to the next and shorter home leg of the journey.

As we headed NW out of Mundesley, around Gimingham we came across another flood, which Mark as usual blindly rode into at speed, only to discover the water above his knees and it becoming increasingly difficult to maintain any momentum, eventually after much panic induced pedalling the water became shallower and dry tarmac came into view. Once his fellow Wheelers had composed themselves, they wisely took to the adjoining field to bypass the flood.

After that, the ride was uneventful, with Graham heading off to Cromer north of Northrepps, the remaining duo avoiding the flooded car under Crossdale Street railway bridge and battled against the ferocious headwind to Metton, followed by the downpour around Gresham, where Mark bravely turned north to Sheringham leaving Andrew to enjoy the crosswind to Kelling

PC to PC 37miles, 1575 feet of climbing and six waterlogged feet

Andrew B, Graham A, led by Mark