The North Norfolk Wheelers Cycle Club that we know today was formed in 1986. However, there was a club prior to that date operating in the area before the war which perhaps we owe our history to. This was similar in name and went under the banner of the North Norfolk Cycle Club. The actual date of formation is not known but it was in existence up to 1939 when most of its members left to join the armed forces and the club was suspended. In 1947 the club came back into existence and remained so until 1952 when, due to lack of members, closed. In 1986 ex members Pat Ash, together with Foster Williams, formed the existing cycle club.

Pat Ash is remembered each year with a trophy bearing his name. This is awarded to the best rider in the year competing in a 50 mile time trial. Other notable past members are Mike Kemp and Albert Lefever who also have trophies awarded in their name.

Since those early days the club has grown to over 80 members. We have two club runs each week throughout the year. Interestingly, our weekend club run is always on Saturdays which reflect that many of our past members went to church on Sundays. We also hold time trials from March through to October which reflects the competitive nature of our club.

Our colours are predominately yellow and black and we have recently updated our strip.