Winter jacket – waterproof and warm – small and medium (comes up slightly larger than normal so try on first) – £40 each.
Cycling caps (one size)  (£7.50 each)
Second hand kit but mostly light use from ex-club member.  Mostly size small to medium. Try before you buy. All items £10 each.
1 x short sleeve skinsuits with number tags (Small).
1 x bib shorts (small)
1 x long sleeve jersey (small to medium)
1 x short sleeve jersey (small)
Pair of red long fingered gloves (medium?) £5
Individual items can be ordered if required.  You can also view items and prices on the gearclub website Here  To order contact Gear Club T: 0208 841 6068 | e: | web: .  Our design is ref. 15507. You will need to pay them directly.