K2_11_NO-2510-Northfolk-Wheelers_013We have quite a lot of club kit in stock for any of you wishing to add to or renew their collections! Maybe a present from Santa! We have short sleeve shirts with both full and half zips, long sleeve shirts, and bib shorts in most Kalas sizes between 3 and 6 (see sizing guide below). We also have an Elite spring jacket in size 5 and a number of overshoes. A new club order will be placed in January 2016 so if there is anything specific you require please contact Nigel Walsh.

Kit can also be ordered directly through Kalas UK now. The UK representative is Andrew Crocker email andrew.crocker@kalas.co.uk or 07974 366102. If you are ordering you are looking for ‘Perun Plus’ for the tops, ‘Elite Omega’ shorts/bib-shorts and ‘Elite’ jackets. Other ranges are available this is just what we currently order, it is all good quality.

A clothing sizing guide is available to download as a pdf:  NNW Kit Size Guide
Further details at the website http://www.kalas.co.uk/