Club Run, 18/11

Six North Norfolk Wheelers left Itteringham on the club run to the Daisy Cafe at Hoe. A fairly stiff westerly meant a lot of hard work on the outward leg to Cawston, Booton, Eade’s Mill, Sparham, Bylaugh, Robertson Barracks and Gorgate. Some substantial tailwind was much appreciated on the way home via Worthing, the Waterfall bridge, over the climbs to Billingford, a fast couple of miles on the trans-Norfolk Highway and then the back roads through Foxley, Kerdiston, Odessa, Heydon Park and Oulton, before the split at Oulton Street.

Brian, Dave C, Harvey, Malcolm, Robin and Trevor made the most of another cold, bright and breezy day. Interestingly, it was discovered that one rider operates a diametrically different system of logic to the other members of today’s s**tet. It isn’t yet known whether this will have an adverse effect on navigation.

Distances ranged from about 48 miles to 70 miles.

Next Saturday, by request, picking up at Itteringham for Great Walsingham Barns, returning via Erpingham.


Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 15 November 2017

It may seem strange to begin at lunchtime! Malcolm, who was not able to make the start from PC, waited for the group to arrive but as they had not appeared by 12.45 decided that he should order some food. Having enjoyed both a mud free ride to the café and a good lunch he didn’t mind the prospect of a lone run in the afternoon but then just as he was about to collect his bike the bunch arrived, mud splattered and hungry!!

Alan’s well planned runs often involve a longish pre lunch leg followed by a shorter route back to PC; and so it was today, 31 miles to the café.

Five met at PC and headed to Briston by way of Baconsthorpe and Edgefield. Southwards and then westwards to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston. A left turn at the crossroads took the group in the direction of Stibbard, John S suffering 2 rear punctures (one thorn one very sharp stone) en route which accounted for the later than planned arrival at the café. Undaunted by this experience (a lesser man would have crumpled under the pressure) John and his fellow Wheelers continued via Wood Norton, Foulsham, Themelthorpe and Reepham to follow the road past Booton Hall and then a left turn just after the Booton Clay Pits (now used and looked after by the Cawston Fishing Club) up into Cawston.

Around the table conversation was as lively as ever and ranged from who was going to the Wheelers social in January to Robin’s adventures, not to mention grunts and groans, with the much feared Cawston Tug of War team – not sure which era – we didn’t ask!

We left together as a group of 6 and followed the straight route to Oulton Street at which point Malcolm, Robin and Trevor headed off towards Aylsham and home (eventually) while the remainder continued on a similarly straight course via Itteringham and Little Barningham back to PC.

Thank you to Alan for leading today’s ride.

Alan, John S, Kevin, Robin, Trevor and Malcolm (clean bike) at the café.

43 miles PC to PC

A Message from Robin Rush MBE

I would like to thank members of the North Norfolk Wheelers for sponsoring me doing a 300k cycle ride over 2 days.

Raising funds for WHEELPOWER for children playing sport, who are confined to wheel chairs.

This will give an introduction to over 70 Norfolk young adults to lead healthier, active and more fulfilling lives.

Thank you again, I shall shortly be presenting a cheque to WHEELPOWER for over £8000.

Club Run, 11/11

Three left Pretty Corner to pick up six more at Banningham for the club run to Cart Gap. One of the attractions of north-east Norfolk is that we can follow a whole range of different routes to and from familiar venues without becoming stale. The bunch of nine went out by way of Colby School, Hylton Crossways, Lodge Farm, Swanton Hill, Sloley Hall, Anchor Street, Smallburgh, Honing, East Ruston and Happisburgh Common.

The busy staff at the Smallsticks Cafe were unfazed by the sudden and unannounced influx of a nonet of cyclists or by the weird drinks that some of them order these days.

The rising cold dry wind proved to be a bit of a shove on parts of the route back, via Walcott Hall, Ridlington, Witton Bridge, Pollard Street, Bacton, Edingthorpe, Dead Man’s Grave, Knapton and Trunch to the split at Bradfield, from where the three rider northern contingent pressed on to Thorpe Hamlet, Hanworth, Sustead and Gresham for the final parting of the ways after a brisk exhilarating club run in marvellous bright conditions on dry roads.

One U.D. – (a slashed front Conti, which had to be patched with a piece of sticky plastic).

Wheelers out: Trevor; Robin; Malcolm; Kevin; Ian S; Harvey; Geoff; Dave C; Brian.

Distances covered ranged from 43 miles to 72 miles, demonstrating the flexibility of NNW club runs.

Next week: Pretty Corner, 10.00. Itteringham bridge, 10.30 for somewhere not too far south-west.

Club Run to The Corner Café at Mundesley 8 November 2017

The magnificent seven met at PC on a damp, cool and blustery morning; but all were suitably attired so looking forward to Malcolm’s ride to the always popular café at Mundesley.

As we headed due south towards Little Barningham Malcolm announced that we would take a left once there and then thought to himself that this link from Church Road to Wickmere Road is often rim deep in mud after rain. As it happened it wasn’t bad at all and indeed for the rest of today’s run road conditions were okay for the time of year. Those without full mudguards didn’t fare too well (neither did those who were behind them at any point!)

We wound our way through the lanes bisecting Wickmere and Wolterton eventually reaching Erpingham, past the recently closed “Arms”, and onward to Ingworth, Aylsham, Burgh, Skeyton, Swanton Abbott, Worstead, Briggate, Honing, Crostwight, Edingthorpe Street, Paston Green, Paston Street and finally Mundesley. Just under 31 miles before lunch and it was agreed that it had been a good ride. Just what you need for a good appetite.

CJ was there to meet us, sat alone at the 3 reserved tables, but the Wheelers being a sociable bunch (Cycling Weekly recently described us as a club who “exude affability and old school charm”) the banter was soon lively and we enjoyed the normal excellent service from The Corner Café staff before stepping out into the cooling breeze for the start of the return leg.

John S left us to more or less retrace our route back home and the remainder including CJ headed towards Trunch and Southrepps before a left turn to Lower Street, where we said goodbye to Robin.

Just before Gunton Station CJ left us and the remaining five continued to Thorpe Market and then Topshill Road to the A140, a slightly tricky dog leg crossing to Parrow Lane and along to Hanworth. Malcolm decided that his leader duties were done for the day and left Alan to lead the four back to Pretty Corner.

A good ride out, slightly tiring in the less than ideal conditions but at least no punctures or other mechanicals and bikes not too mucky!

Alan, Alban, Andrew, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin and CJ at the café.

46 miles PC to PC (and of course the extra for some to get to PC and home again)

Club Run, 4/11

The promised rain didn’t start until 10.35, right on cue as four North Norfolk Wheelers left the pick-up point on Itteringham bridge. In worsening conditions it was decided to follow a fairly straightforward route to Pensthorpe via Heydon – (where one of the skilled artisans in the grupetto delineated the niceties of rat trap bond brickwork), Tyby, Nethergate, Hindolveston, Fulmodeston and Kettlestone. In stark contrast to the last trip to the Courtyard Cafe, when a large group of Wheelers sat in the courtyard sun trap, the quartet sat around a radiator drying out gloves and hats. A rather longer than usual refreshment break was taken, discussing ‘club runs’ and giving the rising north west wind a chance to clear the band of rain, which persisted for a while on the return leg, but cleared through 2.00. The route back took in Stibbard, Wood Norton, Foulsham, Hackford, Whitwell Common, Reepham and Cawston, en route to the split at Oulton Street.

Barry, Brian, Harvey and Trevor all had a decent run out of between 60 and 70 miles.

Next Saturday, depart Pretty Corner, 10.00 to pick up at Banningham, 10.45.

Club Run to The Conservatory at Aylsham 1 November 2017

Nine met at PC for Trevor’s ride to Aylsham only to learn that unfortunately Trevor would not be with us as he was feeling under the weather.

So, Malcolm led the group towards Itteringham turning off to pass by Mannington Hall and then on to Saxthorpe and Corpusty where we hoped to find a bonfire stack on the Green opposite The Duke’s Head ready for the weekend festivities. Alas no, so unless it’s happening elsewhere they have a lot of work to do before Saturday night.

Onwards and upwards, literally, up Station Road into Heydon Road to….Heydon, then Salle before joining the B1145 to take us almost into Reepham. We took a left opposite the entrance to The Old Railway Station Café leading us to the Norwich Road which we followed for a mile or so before turning left into the lanes once again and eventually to Cawston.

At this point John D suggested the Abel Heath route into Aylsham which we were more than happy to take and would you believe it we found ourselves on the Heydon Road again but this time just outside of Aylsham!

Today’s surrogate leader was a bit concerned on reaching the café as we hadn’t phoned ahead to let them know we were coming. However the staff couldn’t have been more welcoming and we enjoyed good value food.

We said goodbye to John D before making our way out of Aylsham to Burgh and then a left turn at the Church Road crossroads into Norwich Road (another one!) to Tuttington. With something approaching a tailwind we made swift progress to Banningham at which point Malcolm decided to let the group follow their noses back to PC which they did via Ingworth and beyond.

Many thanks to Malcolm, although I say it myself, for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, David C (at the café and on the return leg), Geoff (from Potters Bar), John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Stephen.

40 miles PC to PC

Club Run, 28/10 (+ pick up 4/11)

The route to the surprisingly busy Waxham Barn cafe on a windy day day was via Erpingham, Banningham, Tuttington, Skeyton, Worstead, East Ruston, Brumstead, passing the fire-gutted Swan at Ingham and then the lanes over Calthorpe Broad, joining the coast road at Sea Palling.

It was a heavy headwind for much of the way back, through Lessingham, Crostwight, Bacton Wood, Edingthorpe, Knapton and Trunch, where riders began to peel off. The remnants tracked back towards Sheringham by way of Thorpe Market, Hanworth Common and Gresham.

Five riders out, but the distances ranged from 48 miles to 74 miles.

Geoff, Guy, Harvey, Malcolm and Robin (who was getting in shape for tea and cake at Buck House on Tuesday followed by a night out in Soho).

While we await the promised ‘Saturday Rides options’ on the website, the Club Run on Saturday 4th November will depart from Pretty Corner at 10.00, picking up at Itteringham bridge at 10.30.

Club Run to The Three Swallows at Cley 25 October 2017

Cool and damp conditions first thing in the morning prompted several Wheelers to prepare for an Autumn run but fairly warm and sunny weather was to be the order of the day as 9 Wheelers, plus Jack who left us early on, set off from PC on Kevin’s ride to Cley next the Sea.

A straightforward enough route to Itteringham only notable for a reasonably stiff westerly breeze which would surely help us on the return leg. However halfway up New Road hill and a turn right and Kevin’s ride became very interesting following a great route via Corpusty and on to Thurning. On the way a swiftly repaired front puncture for John S didn’t delay us for long!

It’s impossible to predict when hedgerows are going to be cut and unfortunately Thurning to Hindolveston took far longer than planned as a thorn strewn stretch of road brought puncture after puncture after……… a slow flat that Andrew hoped would at least last until the lunch stop! It did as it happens!

North to Melton Constable and then Briningham, Thornage, Letheringsett, Glandford and finally the pub. What a great ride and we all looked forward to a refuel.

Whether an allergy to CO2 (the cartridge now being the preferred method of inflation after a puncture), butyl tubes or otherwise, Alban’s hands had suffered an alarming reaction to something or other and he, Andrew (GP retired) and Stephen (escort home if needed) left us to seek treatment by way of an antihistamine. Hope it was sorted!

The remaining six Wheelers suitably refreshed left The Three Swallows by way of the long drag up Holt Road to Bridge Road and finally to the junction with the A148. Always a busy road it took a few minutes before we could all cross safely. As we headed due East we said goodbye to Robin who turned towards Plumstead then Barningham, Itteringham and home and five continued to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane where two carried on to Lower Gresham and beyond while just the three turned left to return to PC.

What a glorious day and a great ride, thanks Kevin.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, David C, Jack, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robin, Stephen.

38 miles PC to PC – (would have been longer but Kevin amended the return route because of lost time to punctures).