Club Run to The Rising Sun at Coltishall 20 June 2018

Alan’s run to Coltishall.

coltishall run


Club Run to The Norton Café at Walsingham 13 June 2018

On what promised to be a more or less perfect day for cycling 11 met at PC for Kevin’s ride West to Walsingham.

So we went due South of course passing through Barningham, Matlaske, Wolterton and Itteringham. Just before reaching the top of the hill and the Blickling Road we headed West for the first time bisecting Corpusty and Saxthorpe and onwards to Thurning.

Now Kevin is probably the youngest of the Wednesday bunch and at times it was a bit of an effort to match his youthful pace and so it was as we sped on to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston, over the A148 Holt Road to Little Snoring, Great Snoring and finally The Walsinghams.

For those that don’t know, Norton’s Café Bar is based at The Shrine of Our Lady and is on the lower level of The Pilgrim Refectory, the upper level being reserved for residents. The Café Bar was busy but there was still space enough outside for all, including Geoff P and Chris (CJ) who were there to meet us.

After some fine and friendly al fresco “dining” the 11 (Geoff and CJ having gone their own separate ways) left Little Walsingham for Great Walsingham passing over the River Stiffkey to then head due North in the direction of Wighton.

Now pedalling eastwards we reached Binham where we said goodbye to Barry, Peter and Paula and then on to Langham and Glandford. From here we plunged South via Letheringsett, Hunworth and Stody to Briston where we bade farewell to Robin. The remaining 7 headed in the direction of Edgefield and Baconsthorpe losing Andrew (of his own choosing of course) on the way.

Of the remaining 6, Alan, Alban, Geoff O and Kevin made their way to different parts of the North Coast or thereabouts while Malcolm and David C carried on to pass within a whisper (okay a shout) of PC, the former taking the Gresham, Bessingham route towards home while the latter had decided that a cup of tea in the sumptuous grounds of Felbrigg Hall would round his day off nicely!

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Barry, David C, Geoff O, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robin

53 miles PC to PC. 75 miles for at least one!

Club Run, 9/6

It was good to see Ben out after a long absence. We were also joined by time trialist and trackman, James from Welwyn Wheelers (235 members). Unfortunately, Dave snapped his gear hanger at Cawston and, despite removing the rear mec and extracting some chainlinks, the chain wouldn’t stay in line. This mishap occurred right outside the house of two keen coureurs, who were incredibly helpful in providing various tools and spares in an ultimately fruitless attempt to sort the problem. One of the most positive features of getting out on the bike is meeting people like that. The incident also served to demonstrate just how ill-equipped the Wheelers can be when out on summer bikes. Dave consequently spent a varied day: stuffing his face in All Things Nice; a family visit to a garden centre; weightlifting; dog walking. Meanwhile the remaining seven riders followed a relatively hilly route down to the King’s Head at Hethersett. The return trip ventured a bit further west, climbed back over the Telegraph and followed the lanes back through Reepham to Corpusty and Barningham Winter, where the bunch split in two for the final few miles.

Bunch: Ben; Geoff; Graham A; Harvey; Ian; James; Malcolm + Dave for the early bits.

PC to PC: 61 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham; 49 miles/ Max: 75 miles.

Conditions: chilly for June; overcast with a stiff northerly breeze.

One snapped derailleur hanger and one cut sidewall, requiring a patch.

Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 6 June 2018

JD ride to Reepham Railway, Part the First.

So, in promising weather, eight assembled at PC for a ride to the Railway Café at Reepham. Our leader knew that the wind direction would be favourable for a predominantly southward journey, having already come up from the Aylsham direction.

6 June 18

We headed west firstly through West Beckham and despite having two riders with 200 miles in their legs, maintained a tidy pace until Edgefied, where a puncture (I should have realised that buying a tyre with a brand name “Detonator” was a mistake!) delayed us more than it should have – nearly 20 minutes, mainly due to a sticky valve and a close fitting rim.

On our way again, we headed towards Sharrington (yes, we were going to Reepham!) before dropping down to Swanton Novers to meet the Fulmodeston / Hindelveston road. It was then eastward now until going below the Themelthorpe loop to join the Trans-Norfolk Highway (without which no JD ride is complete) for the last mile or two to the café. So far it was 27.5 miles at 14.4 mph average.

A good range of options here, including a tasty looking chorizo sausage roll, well-received  coronation chicken and slurpy tomato soup.

The peloton left our leader here and……..

Part the Second

After some initial confusion as to who was going with who and where, John D headed off along the TNH in the direction of Cawston leaving the rest of us to follow a direct route via Salle and Thurning to Briston. Shortly thereafter Andrew, Alban and Stephen made tracks for the North Coast and the remaining 4 pedalled north easterly to Edgefield and Baconsthorpe where there was another split as Kevin left us.

2 Wheelers went via Gresham and Metton to Roughton and then home, one on his bike the other in his just serviced car. In the end only one Wheeler returned to PC, a gallant John S who completed the run despite a pulled calf muscle.

Many thanks to John D for leading today’s ride which followed an enjoyable route and such is John’s knowledge of the lanes he seemed to be making it up as he went along – probably the best way!

Alan, Alban, Andrew, John D, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen

45 miles PC to PC

Bruce McEwen Memorial Ride, 2nd June (updated)

At Felmingham church gate, Trevor, Scott, Malcolm, Ian, Harvey and Geoff chatted to Heather and son, Will (who is looking as fit as a lop), before setting off on the 3rd annual Bruce McEwen Memorial Ride to Waxham Great Barn. With the threatened/promised drought-breaking downpour eventually arriving at 13.20, Scott, working his way back to fitness, sensibly threw on a sub for the second half – (robust midfielder Dave C). However, the heavy rain lasted for no more than an hour and, judging by the amount of floodwater passed through in some parts, the bunch apparently got off lightly.

Bruce was that rare phenomenon, a gentleman cyclist. He loved club runs, arguably to a greater degree than any other North Norfolk Wheeler in recent years. This commemoratory ride has nothing to do with morbid sentimentality, but we feel that Bruce would have enjoyed the idea of being remembered on a club run and that seems to be as good a reason as any.

PC to PC: 60 miles/ Felmingham to Felmingham: 40 miles/ Max: 74 miles.

Heather McEwen said “I would just like to say how we as a family (myself, Will and Ed) appreciate knowing you do the Bruce McEwen Memorial Ride. It was great to catch up with some of you on the 2nd June at our church gate, it means a lot to us. Bruce always liked his club runs on Saturdays and also the Wednesday runs. He would tell me all about each trip out. But he did not like it if it was windy! I just read the Club Run, 2/6 report and yes, Bruce would really have liked the idea of being remembered in this way. Thank you.”

Saturday club run

IF it is raining in the morning (2nd) we will carry over the meeting and pick up arrangements to next week (9th) – i.e. no change in the PLAN for 2nd, but will transfer the same to 9th if it is raining. The local forecasts are very changeable at the moment, so a case of wait and see. – There will be someone at both PC (9.45) and Felmingham (10.45) on 2nd. As you know, tomorrow (2nd) is a very particular club run in which some people are keen to participate.

Club Run to The Staithe and Willow Tea Room Horning 30 May 2018

The famous five met at PC on a morning full of mist and gloom but at least dryish after the heavy rain showers overnight and warmish considering the sun was nowhere to be seen! With only a gentle breeze from the SW this was never really going to be a factor today as Malcolm lead the group through Gresham and Bessingham en route to Hanworth and Suffield.

We took a right turn to follow the lanes towards Felmingham and in doing so passed Corvette Kingdom but didn’t linger to watch the specialists at work. We had a brief (but thankfully not too dramatic) encounter with a motorist who was obviously assuming that no other road users could possibly use this stretch of road at this time of day. Evasive action taken by driver and group! No harsh words – one of those things, but one that cyclists encounter too often!

We continued on via Skeyton Corner, Swanton Abbott and Scottow to Tunstead and then a took a left signposted Hoveton Hall just after Wroxham Barns along St Peter’s Lane and Long Lane towards our lunch stop. Feeling in no way bewilder(wood)ed we took the short Letherington’s Lane to the main road and then down to Lower Street and the banks of the River Bure.

Although an inside table had been reserved we instead “dined” al fresco. Having made good time on the outward stretch we were ready to leave at 1pm and headed up the Neatishead Road passing “the world’s longest continuously operating radar site” according to The RAF Radar Museum Norfolk’s homepage.

Our route now took us to Dilham, Honing, Crostwight, Edingthorpe, Knapton, Trunch, Southrepps and Northrepps at which point we headed due west towards Felbrigg and then Metton, Gresham and back to PC.

A brisk pace had been maintained throughout the ride so everyone had slightly tired legs after a good day out on the bike.

Alan, Andrew, Graham, Kevin, Malcolm

50 miles PC to PC. 72 miles for the leader.

Club Run, 26/5

With Trevor taking it easy for a while and Brian riding the Peak District hills, only six Wheelers set out from the pick up point for the run out to the cafe at Guist Post Office. After following a radically different route by way of Little Barningham, Plumstead Green, Edgefield, Melton Constable, Hindolveston, Stibbard, Ryburgh and the Wensum valley, the six enjoyed the customary hospitality provided by Duncan and his crew. The return leg took in the lanes to Foulsham, crossed the Morgan training group near Themelthorpe and tacked in and out of the stiff east north east wind to Jordan Green, the Witchinghams, Brandiston and Itteringham, from where three continued north towards Sheringham.

After a murky start, it opened out into a bright and breezy day.

Group: Dave; Geoff; Graham J; Harvey; Malcolm; Robin.

PC to PC: 62 miles/ Erpingham to Erpingham: 51 miles/ Max: 79 miles.

This week’s featured riderDave C

Aliases: ‘The Cromer Cyclone’; ‘Brown Sauce’.

Fighting back from a serious crash at the end of a time trial, Dave has once again become a powerhouse rider. Appointed last year to the thankless task of North Norfolk Wheelers secretary, Dave plays a vital role in the well-being of the club. In company with ringleader Scott S, Ben ‘Two ice-creams’ M and Beeston Chris, Dave is one of the ‘Jet Set Quartet’, a fast-living foursome notorious for fast riding, fast cars and high living.

Favourite bike: Cannondale CAAD 12.

Favourite cafe: Mundesley Corner House.

Favourite route: the coast from Cromer to Cart Gap.

Favourite club run food: anything with brown sauce.

Favourite bonk rations: ‘Protein Balls’.

Motto: Aliqua brunneis condimentum?

Club Run to The Globe Inn Wells-next-the-Sea 23 May 2018

8 met at PC on an overcast, cool and breezy morning for Andrew’s ride to the coast. Dry conditions meant that the lanes wouldn’t be muddy but we have been finding on recent rides that there is a lot of gravel and sandy soil on the roads which means taking extra care!

So we carefully proceeded through Baconsthorpe and Edgefield and on to Sharrington and Hindringham, losing Alban en route as he had to respond to a call of duty and turn back for home. After Wighton we headed due west for New Holkham and took the splendid “Avenue” through the Holkham Estate past Holkham Hall and eventually reached the Coast Road and then the short distance to Wells.

There to meet us was Stephen in both a host and project manager role. The work taking place on The Globe only affected us in so far as our bikes were “parked” out front rather than out back. After an enjoyable lunch with Stephen we were soon back on the road and had hoped that the sun might make an appearance – sadly not!

After only a few miles we lost Peter and Paula as they headed off home in a slightly different direction to us. Our route now took us through Warham, Binham and Langham. At this point we said goodbye to Jane leaving just 4 to continue on to Wiveton. At the end of Bridgefoot Lane Andrew left us and soon after, at Kelling, Geoff also bade farewell. That left just two to head towards PC but that was reduced yet further as Malcolm set course for Gresham, Bessingham, Hanworth and home.

Extra brownie points for Alan this week as the only Wheeler to start and finish at PC!

Thank you to Andrew for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Geoff, Jane, Malcolm, Paula, Peter

46 miles PC to PC. 70 miles max.


Club Run, 19/5

Five departed from Pretty Corner to pick up four more at Itteringham. Unfortunately Geoff suffered a sidewall slit after only eight miles, so had to nurse the patched tyre home. Ian F, who hasn’t been out for a while, soon turned off, leaving seven riders, including Cyclo-cross specialist Nick from Crawley Wheelers (312 members). Following the early delay a shorter route was taken, via Oulton, Cawston, Booton, Eade’s Mill, Lyng, Cadder’s Hill, Hockering Wood and Clippings Green to the excellent Tabnabs Cafe at Mattishall. Tabnabs was surprisingly deserted due to some event taking place down south. The homeward leg dipped through the lanes to the south before turning back past Dereham FC, Etling Green, Elsing, Mill Street, Sparham, Hackford Hall, Kerdiston, Odessa, Corpusty, Mattishall and Thurgarton for a two way split as three headed for Cromer and the Crab and Lobster Festival. Dave C offered to share his ‘Protein Balls’, although some Wheelers declined as they weren’t sure whether these were sweetmeats or sweetbreads!

Total group: Sue; Robin; Nick; Ian F; Harvey; Graham A; Geoff; Dave ‘Protein Balls’ C; Brian.

PC to PC: 62 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham: 50 miles/ Max: 84 miles.

NB: Geoff changed his tyre and managed to get in 55 miles, while also encountering Scott S and Ben M en route.

This week’s featured riderBrian

Aliases: ‘El Rey del Camino‘; ‘The Alby Engine’; ‘The Bosun’.

Brian is one of North Norfolk Wheelers’ core riders, with a close involvement going back over a good number of years. As an ultra-veteran ‘tester’ Brian continues to turn out good times in the club events. Brian also finds time to be a keen sailor, crewing for a lady mariner. Since riding the length of eastern Spain last year, Brian has developed the habit of bursting spontaneously into Spanish, which is disconcerting for the rest of the group, who are still struggling to master English

Favourite bike: anything steel salvaged from a skip and restored.

Favourite cafe: Bircham Mill

Favourite route: via Fustyweed and Watery Lane to Upper Guist

Favourite club run foods: 1. Salad 2. Tortillas

MottoSalve nauta.