Club Run, 20/1

Bugs and viruses continue to dominate the early year club run scene. Clearly North Norfolk Wheelers need to stack up the immunoglobulin-building miles in 2018. On a chilly day, a bit of concentration was needed to avoid some early ice before a four man bunch departed late from Banningham on the club run to the Corner House at Mundesley. A fairly short route was taken, by way of Antingham, Southrepps, Frogshall, Hungry Hill, Clapham Downs and Gimingham. Following a refreshment stop conversation that solved absolutely nothing, a more southerly route home was followed: viz. Paston, Edingthorpe, Bacton Woods, Briggate, Worstead, Swanton Hill and Tuttington to Banningham, from where only two Wheelers continued north towards Sheringham.

Riders: Trevor; Brian; Geoff; Harvey.

Conditions: a chilly and overcast morning broken by 45 minutes sunshine, followed by persistent light rain from 2.15.

Miles: only up to a maximum of 57 this week.

Recalcitrant mudguard stays: 1.

Stunned meadow pipits rescued from lane: 1.


Club Run to The Dun Cow at Salthouse 17 January 2018

Words by Kevin

Two Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to the Dun Cow on what was a windy but sunny day.

The route went through Matlaske, along the old airfield road to Itteringham. On turning right out of Itteringham we met Geoff heading in the opposite direction, a short exchange of pleasantries, discussions of our route and the weather and we parted company, Geoff heading off towards Banningham.

Turning left past Mannington Hall and onto Edgefield the wind was directly in our faces making decent progress hard work. I think Alan secretly wished he’d followed Geoff !!

From Edgefield down the hill to Hunworth, going through two fords both with considerable amounts of water in them, onto Thornage and Sharrington, over the main A148 to Field Dalling, through Langham, turning right to Cley and the coast road to Salthouse.

Two very nice sandwiches later and we were off again up Bard Hill. This must be the most brutal second half start to a ride in Norfolk, made even more difficult for Alan with mud under his rear mudguard rubbing the tyre. It was like riding with the brakes on. We removed his rear wheel and cleared the mud away with a stick much to his relief.

It was the usual way back to PC past Holt Rugby Club.

38 miles in total

Runners and Riders Alan and Kevin.


Editor’s Note

Thank you to Kevin for leading the ride and to both riders for ensuring that the Club Run schedule stayed on track.


Club Run, 13/1

Bugs and viruses reduced the group to four for the club run to Guist on a grey day with a rising dry south-easterly. Avoiding the annual sugar beet orgy proved impossible on a route that went through Heydon Park to Odessa, Guestwick, Nethergate, Hindolveston, Common End, Stibbard and a short section on the B1110 to the Post Office Cafe, where the Wheelers received the customary care. The way back to base kicked off up the sharp clamber from Bintree Mill and then on via Foulsham, Hackford, Whitwell Hall, Reepham, Booton, Cawston and Oulton Street to the split at Itteringham.

Brian, Geoff, Harvey and Josh (Coltishall via Catterick Camp and Baltimore, MD., who is planning to ride time trials).

PC to PC: 52 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham: 38 miles/ Max: 65 miles.

Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 10 January 2018

Official Report by Alan (a man of few words – he lets his legs do the talking!)

7 met at PC.

Weather damp and foggy.

Route : West  Gresham, Bodham, Hempstead, Holt, Hunworth, Briston, Nethergate, Themelthorpe and then Reepham.

Usual good food. Return delayed by John S puncture.

Back via Salle, Heydon, Corpusty, Matlaske to PC having said goodbye to Andrew and Robin who returned home by other routes.

2 punctures for Alan 1 out and 1 back.

PC to PC 35 miles. 3 punctures.

Alan, Andrew, Kevin, John S, Robin, Geoff and Tim (recently moved to Itteringham)


Further words from John S

Seven!  That was the number of riders that met at PC for the first Wednesday run of the year.  And what great conditions!  Blazing sun and light winds with a hint of wistful aromas adding to the atmosphere.  Well, no, not really, but it might as well have been the case because our magnificent seven were not in the least deterred by the grey skies or dank conditions.  They were ready for the off!

With Trevor laid-up by a winter lurgy, Alan stepped-in to lead us to Reepham.  A bit of a transit to the east via Bodham and Holt set us up for a nearly southerly route to Reepham via Briston and Guestwick.  Nice lanes and the experience was not really marred by Alan puncturing a rear tyre (which was quickly fixed).

A quietish café greeted us and we were joined by Robert and John D just as we were preparing to leave.

Whilst leaving, Andrew pointed out that John S had a puncture – rear again.  Still, a great place to fix it with tables to work on. What planning!

The northerly route back saw us touch Heydon and Saxthorpe for a straightforward return.  We bade farewell to new rider Tim about 3 miles from home – and then Alan punctured his rear tyre again.  Not such a quick fix this time, with no fewer than four inflation devices being tried to get it pumped-up.

Many riders complimented Alan on his chosen route and this was well-deserved.

Many thanks, Alan, for a great first Wednesday ride for 2018 which saw one new rider and three returning from longish absences.  Marvellous!

Quite foggy on the return.


Club Run, 6/1.

With reports of cold viruses and chest infections, as well as some early ice and unscheduled rain, the club run leader assumed that not many would be out and so decided to cancel the pre-booked table for six at Cart Gap. Inevitably, six Wheelers congregated at the Banningham pick-up point for the ride out to Smallsticks Cafe.

In a rising north east wind and with more showers than forecast, the bunch tacked out on some of the sheltered lanes to Skeyton and then via Worstead, Honing, Brumstead Common and Lessingham to the popular refreshment stop at Cart Gap on the coast. Much of the return route was wind-assisted after turning inland at Happisburgh, by way of Ridlington, Bacton Wood, Edingthorpe Green and Dead Man’s Grave to rejoin the traditional route to the traditional parting point at Bradfield. The homebound leg was blessed with excellent bright conditions.

There was one unauthorised deflation on the way back.

Geoff, Graham, Harvey, Malcolm, Robin and Trevor got the 2018 club runs off to a decent start.

PC to PC: 54 miles/ Max: 60 miles.

2017 addendum: – The 53 Saturday club runs during 2017 never followed the same route twice. Despite numerous hints towards the end of the year, two or three of the Saturday regulars continued to formulate a range of increasingly bizarre theories to try to explain this phenomenon. However, they remained well wide of the mark.

Saturdays, 2017

Geoff, Ian, Brian and Harvey managed to negotiate the floodwaters on the final club run of the year, tacking out into the rising wind through Corpusty, the Wood Dalling triangle, Tyby, Wood Norton and over the Ryburgh Hills to Pensthorpe. The strongly wind-assisted return route was by way of Kettlestone, Hindolveston, Craymere ford, Briston, Baconsthorpe and Bodham Hill. — PC to PC: 50 miles/ Max:65 miles.

New Year Quiz Question: Who earned a living both above and below the Arenberg Trench?

2017 summary:

53 club runs: – maximum PC to PC: 72 miles/ – minimum: 45 miles.

Maximum runs by one member: 43/ – minimum: 1. Maximum aggregate distance: 2912 miles/ Maximum distance 84 miles.

20 refreshment stops (18 cafes and 2 pubs). Most visited: Smallsticks Cafe, Cart Gap (8)/ Waxham Great Barn (open April-October, 6).

Regular Saturday Riders: Trevor (Mangiatore Chilometro Gallese); Scott (Avant Coureur); Robin (Equitem caritas); Nick (Equitem tri-musa); Malcolm (Velo-brillant); Ian (Stocky Cockney Randonneur); Harvey (l’Enchanteur des Chemins); Graham (The Bosworth Bullet); Geoff (The Sheringham Express); Dave C (Coureur-puissant); Brian El Rey del Camino); Barry (Septuagenarian Grimpeur); Alban (Coureur de l’été).

Other members doing one or more runs: Amanda; CJK; Guy; Ian F; John H; John M; John S; Kevin; Phil; Steven; Tessa.

Guest Riders: Kevin (Skipton CC); Owen (St Ives CC); Phil (Team Milton Keynes); Tarn (Manchester CC).

Happy cycling in 2018!


Club Run, 23/12

Three from Pretty Corner picked up another three on the bridge for the penultimate weekend club run of 2017. The outward route looped south to the Wensum valley at Attlebridge before turning north again via Alderford and Eade’s Mill to Kerri’s Pine Cafe in the Victorian station house at Reepham. Over the refreshment break the club runs leader was presented with a card and lovely little book on ‘thoughts for cyclists’. Although this was thoroughly undeserved, the recipient would like to communicate his thanks to those who were unable to make it today for the kind wishes expressed in the card.

The short homeward bound course was along the quiet lane through Kerdiston and Guestwick to Wood Dalling, Heydon Park and Oulton church, where two headed east and the rest continued back to Itteringham and beyond.

Out on this excellent midwinter day for cycling were Trevor, Robin, Phil – (switching to 1st Claim), Harvey, Geoff and Brian.

PC to PC: 45 miles – (shortest of the year), but two ended up with 60 odd miles.