Club Run to The Old Railway Station Café at Reepham 15 August 2018

Eight of the Wheeler flock gathered at PC for Andrew’s ride to Reepham. The question was would the flock manage to stay together under his leadership?

All began well as we headed down and up Red Barn Lane before the right turn at Mill Road and then a left to run more or less parallel with the A148, through Bodham, Hempstead, Hunworth, Stody and Brinton. A few of the group seemed a bit puzzled as to where we were, such is the twisting and turning nature of the North Norfolk lanes and by-ways. Our leader confirmed that we were passing through Gunthorpe and only one or two more upward stretches to go!

On reaching Swanton Novers a quick check confirmed all were present but then en route to Hindolveston (or thereabouts) 3 became detached. While 4 of the group waited, Malcolm retraced our tracks but could find no trace of our “lost sheep.” Just the 5 pedalled on to Guestwick and then a quick dash along the lanes to Reepham, thankfully managing to avoid the worst of the debris and holes along the way!

The original 8 were eventually reunited at Reepham and we all enjoyed a pleasant lunch in the garden of The Old Railway Station Café in the company of Trevor N and Chris and Maggie K who had ridden/driven out to join us. Apologies were offered for what has to be said was a basic error – not ensuring that all members of your group were together or at least not being aware that some were off the back and may have missed a junction, had a mechanical or worse! It would be unfair to point the finger only at the leader on this or any club run – we all have a responsibility to look out for each other. On this particular occasion it was a missed junction!

CJ, Maggie and their German Shepherd (might have been useful earlier on!!) made their own way home; Malcolm accompanied Trevor N on a wind assisted return via Booton and Buxton and the group of 6 began their return journey via Wood Dalling, Thurning and Briston where Trevor E and Stephen departed for Walsingham.

For the remaining 4 riders Edgefield Street to Baconsthorpe; at the radio mast at West Beckham (Geoff’s corner) Andrew and Barry turning towards High Kelling.

Thank you to Andrew for leading today’s ride.

Andrew, Barry, David C, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen, Trevor E

PC to PC 41 miles

Message from Andrew

“Sorry about the lost sheep!!”


Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 8 August 2018

As 9 Wheelers gathered at “The Reservoir Gates” for Peter’s run to Warham we were all relieved that the excessive heat and humidity of the previous day had given way to cooler, cloudier conditions even if we were going to be pedalling into a headwind for most of the 30 miles to our lunch stop!

Barningham Park and on to Plumstead, Edgefield, Briston and over (rather than the usual through) a very dry Craymere Beck before the long straight stretch to Hindolveston and Fulmodeston. No big black dogs today (if you need to ask you weren’t there!) but we did encounter a roadworks. “There was a sign saying Road Closed!” said the workman “Well we’re only bikes” replied Peter.

Onward through Croxton, over the busy A148 Holt Road to Little Snoring and inevitably Great Snoring. Peter decided to use the RC Church By-pass around Little Walsingham, then Edgar Road aka Sandy Lane to reach the B1105 Wells Road. Had Stephen missed the right turn to Wighton? No he was on his way back to Wells – things to do and all that! The few remaining miles to the pub took us past the Warham Camp Iron Age Fort but you wouldn’t know it as it is hidden from the road and there’s little else to indicate that here lies probably the best preserved Iron Age Fort in East Anglia!

After a very enjoyable lunch enhanced greatly by Andrew’s round of drinks celebrating his 3 score and 10 it was decided that The Three Horseshoes needs to be a regular on the Wheeler’s list. This could prove to be a popular venue although the total round trip of 65+ miles (for some) could be a bit much in the colder wetter conditions likely to be encountered Nov – March.

There was a helpful tailwind on the return leg as we passed through Binham en route to Field Dalling. We had already said goodbye to Paula as we turned north-east to Saxlingham now saying goodbye to Jane as we pressed on to Wiveton, cheers Andrew, and the long climb to Bridge Road. Peter left us at Kelling Road to head towards Holt and home while just 4 reached High Kelling. It was then the familiar route to Geoff’s Corner where 3 followed the road to West Beckham and back to PC and Sheringham while Malcolm reached into his pocket for a snack bar for that last 12 miles or so home.

Many thanks to Peter for leading today’s ride and Happy Birthday Andrew!

Alan, Andrew, Ben from Bedford, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Stephen

48 miles PC to PC

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 1 August 2018

Run Leader and Report – Alan Fisher

Nine riders met at PC in pleasant sunny conditions.

Down to East Beckham and Gresham, up towards the Lion’s Mouth turning right into the park past Felbrigg House heading in the Roughton direction via the Metton/Cromer Road. We crossed the A149 at Crossdale St then took the long way around past North Repps Hall to North Repps. We then followed quiet lanes to South Repps, Lower Street and Antingham; over the A149 again to Felmingham and Skeyton before looping back to Tuttington and our lunch venue at Banningham. Waiting for us were CJ, David C & Trevor.

After a fortifying lunch we said goodbye to Trevor (out for short run) and headed to Ingworth, turning left to follow the River Bure Valley round the Blickling Estate to Itteringham and then the well followed route back to PC. We said goodbye to Peter & Paula at Little Barningham and David & Robert at the Gresham turnoff.

A pleasant ride out with good company and good weather.

Unfortunately 1 puncture and 2 mechanicals.

38 miles PC to PC

Alan, Barry, Graham, Kevin, Paula, Peter, Robert, Stephen, Trevor E

(CJ, David C, Trevor for lunch)



Club Run to The Lighthouse at Walcott 25 July 2018

Okay so no excuse but today’s leader, Malcolm, is so used to the weekend runs to Cart Gap that he completely forgot to check to make sure the café was open mid-week. It is indeed closed on Wednesdays so apologies to anyone who may have ridden out to join us!

Just 5 (including a return to the Wednesday bunch of Trevor E) met at PC not knowing at this point that the 28 miles to the lunch stop would be extended by a few miles. At least there was to be a tailwind for most of the time to our eventual destination on what promised to be quite a warm day.

The outward route took in Lower Gresham, Metton, Felbrigg, Northrepps, Southrepps, Trunch, Knapton, Paston Green, Edingthorpe, Bacton (on-the-hill) and Keswick. We were making good time so Malcolm turned inland from the Coast Road to Ridlington, Ridlington Street and East Ruston before heading towards the coast again via Lessingham. There at Cart Gap to meet us were Trevor N on a gentle ride and John S on a recovery drive – good to see them and best wishes from all of us.

The Lighthouse seemed like a good alternative venue and so it was as we relaxed in a cooling breeze under garden umbrellas enjoying a welcome refuel before saying our goodbyes to T and J and not long after returning to the road to begin our homeward leg.

Apart from a slight dip South towards North Walsham and a bumpy but at the same time very pleasant detour along Little London Road to avoid the road closure on the outskirts of NW, it was a fairly direct route back to PC via Bradfield, Lower Street, Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Bessingham and Gresham.

Alan, Barry, Kevin, Malcolm and Trevor E enjoyed a good day out.

50 miles PC to PC

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Sportive Bike Ride 15 July 2018

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital Sportive Bike Ride 15 July 2018


Finally, the day of reckoning was now upon Maureen, who had worked hard to regain some of her former fitness to cycle the 30 mile route on the NNUH Sportive and raise money for the hospital.

We arrived at the start shortly after 9.00 am to be greeted by Chairman, Chris Knowles. Scott with wife, Lisa plus son had also just arrived. Shortly afterwards joining this illustrious group was Ian Spencer, David Carrier, Christine Cooke and Nick Poulter. We missed saying hello to club member, Paul Stretton, who was by then already on the 100 mile route. We were, however, pleased to meet up with his wife, Dylis, who kindly took photos of the group, and wished us luck and a good ride.

After a brief pep talk from the starting marshall we were sent on our way following the white signs out of the hospital.

One factor that would influence the speed of the ride and also the stamina of the group was the unrelenting heat of the day, which made constant intakes of fluid essential.

We left the start going past Colney and then along to Wymondham passing near the infamous Kett’s Oak to ride to Suton and then along Spooner Row. By now all thoughts were on how far it was to the feed and drink station.

At the feed station we had a chance to rest and refuel before setting out once again into the blistering temperature.

We rode along the B1113 touching Hargate, Tacolneston where our orderly ride was enlivened by a couple of horse and carts’ riders clattering along the road, which needed to be overtaken.

Finally, we passed a sign post to Malbarton and then riding at last on very quiet lanes we made our way back to the hospital.

Kindness itself, all riders stopped to let Mo ride across the finishing line first.

Maureen writes “I am so grateful to all the North Norfolk Wheelers and their families, who came out to encourage and to ride with me. Thank you everyone for your support and donations”.

Footnote 1. Congratulations to Paul on riding the 100 in 5 hours 36 minutes.

Footnote2. As everyone enjoyed the day we hope to run this again next year.

Footnote 3. Latest indications are that Mo will have  raised just over £1,000 for hospital funds.





Club Run to The Goat Inn at Skeyton 18 July 2018

The Wednesday “Club Run Captain” was slightly taken aback to find today’s leader at PC as the latter is known not to be fond of this starting point and had opted for an Erpingham depart. We did confirm with David however that his route would still pass through the village just in case others had cycled there!

As we approached Aldborough the shout of “Puncture” brought us to a halt and this turned out to be a sidewall split which required a bit more than usual patience to fix. Nevertheless we were soon on our way to find no additions to our group of 12 at Erpingham.

Continuing through Calthorpe our route took in Wolterton, Itteringham and Ingworth before a right turn at St Lawrence Church. An eagle eyed Paula noticed a problem with Peter’s rear wheel. An inspection revealed a broken spoke but fortunately the wobble was not too bad. After weighing up his options, Peter opted to retrace our tracks, in the company of Paula, back to Blickling and then home. A call and visit to Greg at Black Bikes would soon sort things out!

Aylsham and Burgh came and went before a polka dot jersey emerged from the pack and attempted a break. Was he trying to gain more points on the “climb” to All Saints Church? Who knows but by his own admission he slightly misjudged things and was reeled in before the right turn at the crossroads and descent to The Goat Inn. On such a lovely day it was a pleasure to sit outside and enjoy the pub’s hospitality. Our number was increased by 1 as CJ had cycled over to join us.

After lunch a steady climb up to Skeyton Corner and a right turn into Skeyton Road took us eventually to John D’s favourite road the TNH which we followed as far as Cherry Tree Lane, which cuts through to the Cromer Road. A swift left and right – we were now on the Bradfield Road which we followed to………Bradfield at which point Malcolm waived everyone through, said his goodbyes, and left the remaining members to make their way back to PC and beyond via Lower Street, Thorpe Market, Hanworth and Gresham.

Thank you to David for leading today’s ride and thank you to the polka dot jersey who was presumably off to the Alps to find something more challenging!

Alan, Andrew, David, Gilly, Graham, Jane, Kevin, Malcolm, Paula, Peter, Robert, Stephen

40 miles PC to PC


Club Run to Jules Country Kitchen Cafe at Alby 11 July 2018

Words by John D

At a distinctly chilly and damp-feeling 10:30am 5 Wheelers set off for the day’s outing, with John D leading, to Jules Country Café at Alby.

Nobody had driven to the start so with everyone warmed up and a favourable northerly, but moderate, breeze it was a fast run down to Itteringham – 8 miles completed in less than 30 minutes. From here we turned left onto the pretty lane around the north of Blickling Park which took us to Ingworth. Crossing the A140 we turned at Banningham to take a lane seldom used by The Wheelers past Colby school and left for a short section of the Trans-Norfolk Highway. Shortly after turning left again we passed the Corvette garage to head up to Antingham and over the Bittern Line. Again we turned left, noting the long-closed Suffield Arms as we passed beneath the railway to Thorpe Market – where inevitably we turned left to go through to Hanworth and then (of course) two left turns to Thwaite and finally to Alby after just over 27 miles.

Here we were met by a waiting Chris K and Dave C – who rightly judged that our delay must have been due to a p*n*t*r* (This was Andrew, some 4 miles earlier – when it was noted that Norfolk flints were really the worst – and Yorkshire tyres were the hardest).

A substantial lunch – giant doorstep sandwiches and large baguettes (with chips) was consumed, and asthma in sportsmen was discussed of course, but as no one could think of the name of a Croatian cyclist in the TdeF we moved on to pondering the outcome of an entirely different sporting fixture later in the day.

Refuelled and with the sun peeking through we re-mounted, leaving Chris K to return alone via Thwaite Hill. Fed up with turning left we opted for a right from the café and then several more to take us towards Suffield and through Colby to Erpingham where our leader left. As no-one needed to return to PC, I guess several routes were taken to home and with the temperature now in the mid-twenties, hopefully incident-free and at an enjoyable pace.


As you can see from the map we had the lunch spot (only 6 miles as the crow flies from the start) well-and truly surrounded. Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable Ronde Van Thwaite-with-Alby!

Andrew, Jane, JohnD, Kevin and Stephen. CJ and David for lunch

One deflation but otherwise no incidents.

Had anyone returned to PC it would have been a 39 mile trip, though most will have completed around 50.

Club Run, 7/7

Due to some televised event in Russia the scheduled event was replaced by a somewhat shorter club run with a slightly earlier start. Peculiarly, on Day 1 of the TdF, cycle racing didn’t get a mention in conversations at the cafe. Even more peculiarly, the Leicester Ring Road did get a mention.

The clockwise circuit took in Moorgate, Ingworth, Banningham, Burgh Hall, Brampton, Allison Street, Brandiston, Booton, Reepham Station Cafe, Whitwell, Jordan Green, Themelthorpe, Guestwick, Tyby, Corpusty and Barningham Winter, where the bunch split.

Bunch: Brian; David; Geoff; Harvey; Malcolm; Robin.

PC to PC: 48 miles/ Itteringham to Itteringham: 37 miles/ Max: 78 miles.

Club Run to The Kings Arms at Blakeney 4 July 2018

Not wishing to miss the opportunity of yet another glorious day for cycling 9 Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to the North Coast.

Kevin’s route took us through Lower Gresham, Metton, Hanworth and Thurgarton, bypassing Aldborough to take quiet country lanes to Little Barningham. We said goodbye to John D as we continued on to Edgefield. We then followed the course of The River Glaven to Hunworth and on to Thornage, Sharrington and Bale.

On reaching Binham and then Cockthorpe we turned due East to continue the drag up to Langham. Checking the distance covered so far it was decided that 27 miles to the lunch stop would be just about right – so no extra loops today!

We parked our bikes and enjoyed our lunch in the garden. Food was good, service was good and value not bad considering the touristy location! The landlord was certainly friendly enough, cheerily quipping that he had bought a new bike at the end of last year and keeps bumping his head on it as it remains hanging up in his garage gathering dust!

Jane and Alban soon after left us at Blakeney leaving 6 to pedal the fast stretch to Wiveton. Andrew headed for home at this point while the remaining members of the original 9 tackled the reasonably steep climb up to Bridge Road. The heat and exertions of the day caused one or two little splits but we had all but regrouped at High Kelling before Robin peeled off for Kelling Heath preferring a less busy route to the A148!

Alan, Kevin, Malcolm and Robert pressed on towards West Beckham, Malcolm leaving the other 3 to complete the run back to PC as he went via Gresham and Hanworth to home.

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Alan, Alban, Andrew, Jane, John D, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Robin

40 miles PC to PC

Footnote (update from a previous note)

Regarding her recent long distance cycling adventure Jane reports that she hadn’t written a detailed account, had really enjoyed her “holiday” and was a little embarrassed at the fuss and attention. A modesty so typical of someone who simply enjoys riding their bike!

Club Run, 30/6

Holidays restricted the bunch to five Wheelers for the run to Coltishall Red Lion. Robin, Malcolm, Harvey, David and Brian did a bit of a tour of the quiet lanes of the north-western Broads by way of Ashmanaugh, Neatishead, Barton Broad, Irstead, Alderfen Broad and Belaugh Green to the refreshment break. The return route was via Heggatt Hall, Frettenham, Stratton Strawless, Buxton, White Cross, Aylsham, Drabblegate and back to Erpingham, where the riders attempted to remove some of the melted tar from their tyres before heading off in different directions.

PC to PC: 61 miles/ Erpingham to Erpingham: 44 miles/ Max: 74 miles.

The run leader apologises to the football fans in the group for claiming that the 3.00 kick-off match would be rubbish and not worth rushing back for.