Club Run to Poppylands, Horsey 29/06/2022

Four Wheelers met at PC, to be greeted with a light rain shower, that would continue intermittently for the next hour. We set off on a south-easterly course via Hanworth, Suffield and North Walsham to pick up John S in Honing.
Alas, the pick up didn’t go as planned. The roads around Honing had just been resurfaced, so John decided to head out to meet us and to take us on a route to avoid the resurfacing. We arrived at the other end of the resurfaced road and decided to try a detour to avoid it, without much luck as it turned out, and in the process missed John.
So as we arrived into Honing, John phones from White Horse Common. It’s decided that we will continue on and catch up with John another day. However, the thought of missing out on 1940’s style Spam fritters was enough for John to organise a lift with his wife and to chase us down, catching up with us on the Brumstead Road. We were most surprised to see John and his bike emerging from a car. Chapeau John!
By now the clouds had been blown away by a steady Southerly wind and it was very warm as we continued to Sea Palling, Waxham to Horsey.
Poppylands was busy with people indoors and out, though we were able to get a shaded table outside. Poppylands is a 1940’s themed café and does it very well, with lots of period memorabilia and quirky menus. Sadly, today the Spam fritters were off the menu but corned beef hash served in a mess tin was popular, with three Wheelers choosing it. The tea cosy was in the shape of an aircraft, though one which had crashed into the drink a few times too many.
Suitably fed and watered and now with a tail wind, we retraced our route to Sea Palling, then along the beach road to Lessingham, Ridlington to Bacton Woods, where John headed for home. Then it was the regular route to Knapton (where they are still digging up the road), Trunch, South and Northrepps, where Graham A headed for Cromer, Metton, Gresham and PC.

PC to PC 59 flattish miles with an average speed of 14.5 miles
Andrew B, Graham A, Graham J, John S and Mark M leading

Club Run to Jane’s, East Rudham 15/06/2022

Only two wheelers were available for the longish (65mile) run to Jane’s, on a very warm and sunny day with a light SE breeze.
To try to keep the route west as direct as possible, we went to Holt and then down the main road to Letheringset before climbing the hill up to Sharrington and on to Bale and Hindringham. At Little Walsingham we checked on the Victorious café, having heard that it had closed and unfortunately that was the case. We then had a detour to view Walsingham railway station and platform, now occupied by St. Seaphims Orthodox Chapel:
Onwards and upwards to South Creake and Syderstone then a loop out to see the deer at Houghton Hall before reaching Jane’s, only to discover it was closed! Our ride leader claimed that he meant to check it was open before setting off and that it was open on the last visit!
Fortunately the Crown was next door and though more expensive did have some good food and a welcome beer, all enjoyed outside under the shade of a parasol.
After a longer than normal lunch break we finally set off and found that the wind had increased and we were now working against it. We crossed the A148 at Sculthorpe Mill then enjoyed the climb from East Barsham to Great Snoring, then via Thursford and Gunthorpe to Hunworth, where the climb up to Edgefield seemed unusually long today. The final leg from Edgefield to PC was fortunately wind assisted.
Close to Geoff’s corner we met Kevin, unable to join us for the day but out for a late afternoon 30mile ride to keep the legs in shape.

PC to PC a hilly 65 miles with 802m / 2631ft of climbing and an average speed of 13.6 mph
Graham A with Mark M leading.

Club Run to Hoveton Hall Gardens 09/06/2022

There were four riders leaving Pretty Corner on the ride to Hoveton Hall. The ride had been postponed from Wednesday although, as it happened, the forecast rain showers were rather sparse. The route went southwards with a helpful breeze to Aldborough and Erpingham using familiar roads. The next villages were Colby, Banningham, Tuttington, and Burgh. The view crossing the Bure at Oxnead was delightful in the sunshine. Buxton and Lamas were soon reached before turning off for Little Hautbois and Coltishall. Minor roads to the north of the B1354 soon took the riders to the lunch stop cafe at Hoveton Hall, where a light lunch was enjoyed from an enticing menu. The route home was uneventful taking small roads to Ashmanhaugh, Sloley, Swanton Hill and North Walsham missing the houses via Tungate. After Bradfield, roads were familiar with riders peeling off at Hanworth and Sustead.

PC to PC 50 miles

Average Speed 14.2 mph, Total Elevation 1250 ft

Riders: Graham A (leader), Andrew B, Robert N and Mark M

Club Run to the Lighthouse Inn, Walcott 25/05/2022

Three Wheelers met at PC on a dry but windy morning for the run down the east coast to Walcott.
The forecast SW wind was present but the forecast all day sun soon disappeared behind clouds and the wind made it fairly chilly at times. Our clockwise route took us through Gresham, Metton, North and Southrepps, along the lanes towards Trimingham and across Mundesley golf course. A section of main road to Paston where we took the back lanes past Bacton terminal to Witton where we decided to head straight to the pub instead of taking an extra couple of miles loop.
The Lighthouse Inn was warm and welcoming and we enjoyed good food, drink and conversation before heading back out into what seemed to be an even colder wind and very black clouds.
Fortunately it remained dry and the hedges provide some shelter as we headed past Bacton Wood to White Horse Common and then up and around North Walsham and Swafield to Antingham crossing. Here Graham headed north for Cromer, while the remaining duo pushed west to Suffield, Town Green and Thurgarton, where Duncan turned south for Corpusty. Our ride leader completed the route via Bessingham, Barningham Winter, Bodham Hill to PC.

PC to PC 51 miles
Wheelers were Graham A, Duncan S and Mark M leading

Club Run to Staithe n Willow, Horning 12/05/2022

Four Wheelers met at PC on a warm and sunny Thursday morning for the rain rescheduled ride to Horning
We initially headed into a noticeable SW wind to Barningham Winter where we turned South East for the small lanes of Wickmere, Calthorpe, Scarrow Beck road and risked the usually flooded Lodge Lane (only one side of the road was wet) to get to Banningham. Then it was Sloley and a zig zag triple crossing of the rail line including the seldom used Tunstead Church Lane pedestrian crossing and then the few miles to Horning.
The Staithe n Willow was fairly quiet and we were able to sit at a double table in the courtyard and enjoy the sun and quick service of a good light lunch. We had expected Malcolm to join us for lunch and his absence sparked rumours of him having succumbed to the wind or dogs once more. He later reported that he was fit and well but life had got in the way of his cycling plans.
Our route home took us around the pretty lanes of Irstead and Neatishead, then Dilham, Honing, Bacton Woods to Knapton where we had to walk through two sets of road works, guided by friendly workers. Next was Trunch, South and Northrepps were Graham turned off for Cromer and the rest headed West for Metton and Aylmerton Cross where Robert turned off for West Runton, leaving two to return to PC.

As we passed RAF Neatishead, we saw signs for a robotics business and it was also featured tonight on Look East. Here is a link I found about the new business:

PC to PC 57 miles
Wheelers riding, Graham A, Robert N, Andrew B and Mark leading
Wheelers unable to make the revised date, John S and Malcolm S.

Club Run to Bridgestones, Potter Heigham 27/04/2022

Three Wheelers met at PC on an overcast and cold day. With no forecast of sun and a light north easterly breeze it was no surprise to see everyone well wrapped up in their winter gear.
Our wind assisted outward route took us via Alby Hill, Suffield, Swanton Abbott, Sloley, past Hoveton Hall Gardens and through Horning. At Horning roadworks meant that the main A1062 was closed which reduced the traffic on the two mile section we used to get us over Ludham bridge before taking the backroads to Ludham airfield and down to Bridgestones.
As we arrived we found Malcom waiting for us, having had a shortish 24 mile ride out from St Olaves. We opted not to sit outside but in the dog friendly section, which was sheltered from the wind but close to the bikes. Everyone seemed happy with their meals and refreshments. Andrew B had to leave early to fulfil other obligations, while the remaining three chatted and postponed venturing back out into the cold. Eventually we set off, Malcolm heading south and two heading north into the wind via Catfield, Lessingham, Crostwight, North Walsham to Gunton Station, where Graham A continued north to Cromer and Mark took the usual route back to Hanworth, Gresham and PC.

PC to PC 60 miles
Graham A, Andrew B, Mark leading and Malcolm joining us for lunch.

Club Run to The Old Dairy, Stanfield 06/04/2022

With the number of Wheelers meeting at PC increasing by 100% compared to last week, they were both greeted by a warm but strong south westerly wind and dry conditions. Graham A was offered the choice of a headwind ride to Stanfield or a shorter easier ride to Reepham, he bravely chose the headwind to Stanfield, reasoning that it would be a tailwind back home.
Fortunately only the first 23 miles to Colkirk was into the wind, via, Edgefield, Briston, Hindolveston, Stibbard and Great Ryburgh, before turning south to Whissonsett and Stanfield.
The Old Dairy was fairly quiet when we arrived, so we were able to get a large table and comfy bench seat. The lunchtime food choice is limited but my ham and cheese toastie was tasty and the coffee was good enough to have a second cup.
As we prepared to leave it was obvious that the wind had increased and the clouds had become much darker and thicker, just as well it was going to be on our backs. And so we shot up the road at high speed and with little effort, a great payback for the morning’s headwind.
Our route took us through Brisley, past the pretty setting of Bintree water mill to Foulsham, then Guestwick, Wood Dalling to Saxthorpe and the direct route back to PC, with Graham turning off at North Barningham.
There were a couple of light showers on the return leg but not enough to make the roads wet and the in the last couple of miles the dark clouds parted and the sun came out.

PC to PC 51 miles, out leg 28miles @ 13.3 avg and a lot of effort. Return leg 24 miles @ 14.8 avg and minimal effort
Graham A and Mark leading

Club Run to The Carpenters Arms, Wighton 30/03/2022

With all the regular Wednesday Wheelers away, recovering from covid or having looked at the weather forecast, Mark was not surprised to be the only one at PC.
The conditions at PC were good, no wind and around 8C, the forecast for noon was very different though, with near freezing temperatures, rain and an increasing NE wind. So in full winter attire, Mark was overdressed for the first hour before the rain started around Gunthorpe to cool him down!
Following Duncan’s route via Baconsthorpe, Edgefield, Briston, Stody to cross the A148 at Gunthorpe, where the first light rain started, then on to Great Snoring and a tour of the Barshams. Here Mark made a detour from the route, so instead of taking the busy main Fakenham Wells road, he continued west to Waterden, then up the old Roman road to Quarles and then back on route to Wighton, adding about 2.5miles to the route.
By now there had been a heavy rain shower, which eased but left the roads soaking wet, so instead of stopping for lunch at Wighton, he carried on, aiming to beat the worst of the weather.
From Wighton the route was a great tour around Hindringham, Field Dalling (where a group of three bedraggled riders were heading in the opposite direction, I don’t think they had looked at the forecast!), Saxlingham and on to Wiveton followed by the regular uphill route to High Kelling, West Beckham to PC.
After five consecutive dry club rides, today’s ride required a bike wash before heading indoors for a warming mug of tea.

PC to PC 52 miles 730m of climbing 14.7mph avg
A great route, which hopefully Duncan can lead in the future when we have more Wheelers available.

Club Run to Dunes Café, Waxham Barn 09/03/2022

Graham A and Mark were pleased to be joined at PC by Robert N, out on his first Wheelers ride of the year. As we stood in the sun, sheltered from the fairly strong Southerly wind, we were all feeling overdressed in our winter kit. As the day progressed, we had more sunshine than forecast and the roads remained dry apart from two flooded sections, so I could have worn shorts and leg warmers and a light shirt under my jacket and been warm enough.

Our route to Waxham was mainly south easterly with a cross wind on the right shoulder. Via Bessingham, Hanworth, Suffield, Bradfield, North Walsham to Briggate, where we picked up John S. John only had a couple of hours free, but he wanted to join us for lunch and to get in a few miles.
From Honing it was East Ruston to Ingham, where we stayed on the main road to Waxham to keep the mileage for the out leg to 28 miles.

At the Café as we were putting our bikes into the new cycle racks, we saw ex-ride leader Malcolm S, who had taken advantage of the great weather and strong tailwind to join us from St Olaves. I expect the journey home was not so easy!

As the courtyard of the barn was fairly sheltered we decided to sit outside and enjoy a good lunch, coffee and a chat. John had to leave us first, then after another twenty minutes or so of chatting, we were all beginning to feel the cold, so after bidding farewell to Malcolm, we set off for home.

For a change, we went down the beach road at Sea Palling, past the wooden chalets and beach homes, an area that seems as if time has stood still, but would have all been washed away in the 1953 floods and is now behind the new sea defences.

Then it was Lessingham, Witton, Knapton, Trunch to Southrepps Lower Street, where Graham and Robert turned off for Cromer and Mark went to Thorpe Market, Hanworth, Sustead, Gresham back to PC.

PC to PC 55 miles

Graham A, Robert N and Mark leading, with guest appearances by John S and Malcolm S

Club Run to Junction 21, Themelthorpe 02/03/2022

Three Wheelers met at PC on a chilly and overcast morning for the inaugural Wednesday run to the Junction 21 café at Themelthorpe. Geoff P stopped to say he would meet us there for lunch too.

The route out took us via Gresham, Bessingham, Matlaske and Wickmere to Itteringham, then the traditional route down to Cawston. From Cawston the roads became smaller and well coated in mud and water as we went via Brandiston, Little and Great Witchingham, Jordan Green to Themelthorpe.

As we arrived at the café, we found a forlorn looking Geoff P wandering the garden as the café was shut for the day due to a ‘mechanical problem’. Not to be beaten, we headed to the ever reliable Station café at Reepham and managed to get an inside table for the four of us. An inside table not only gives the benefit of warmth but also real crockery and grown-ups cutlery!

Suitably refreshed we headed off. Geoff on his own route and the rest heading up to Thurning to join up with the original route home. This took us through Edgefield Street, Plumstead, Baconsthorpe and Bodham Hill back to PC for a total of 45 miles.

Andrew B, Graham A, Mark leading and Geoff P joining us for lunch.

Pc to PC was 45 miles