Club Run to The Rising Sun, Coltishall 19/01/2022

Five Wheelers set off from PC in sunny but cool conditions, fortunately the overnight cloud had prevented a repeat of the previous night’s icy conditions. Joining the Wednesday ride for the first time was Neil M, a regular Saturday group rider, hope you can join us again Neil.

Andrew B had the only puncture of the day, less than 4 miles from PC. Unable to find the cause of the deflation, a new tube was fitted and fingers crossed and fortunately the tyre held up for the rest of the ride. Front Michelin Pro Endurance for those keeping score!

Our outward leg of about 25 miles took us via Gresham, Hanworth, Gunton, Bradfield, Swafield, around the eastern edge of North Walsham, White Horse Common, Briggate, Worstead, the International Farm, Tunstead crossing to Coltishall and The Rising Sun.

The staff at the pub looked after us very well, we had a table to seat eight, with a view over the river and also of the bikes. The food was filling and good value and it was with some reluctance that we left the warmth of the pub to set off for home.

While the return leg was shorter at about 20 miles, it was soon apparent that the North Westerly wind had increased and most of the road seemed to be uphill and into the wind!

Our route home was St John, Great Hautbois, Lamas, Buxton, Brampton, Aylsham, Drabblegate, Ingworth, Calthorpe, where Graham A seeking a more favourable wind direction set off for Cromer. The remaining trio then pushed hard into the wind for the remaining 5 miles to the split at Gresham church.

All in all, a good day for a ride, intermittent sun meant the temperature was variable but ok for January and we enjoyed good food and company.

The roads were mainly dry but there was plenty of wet mud about to ensure a good coating over the bikes.

PC to PC was 46 miles

Andrew B, Duncan S, Graham A, Neil M and Mark leading.

Club Run to Norton’s Café, Walsingham 15/12/2021

Four riders met at PC for the run to the ever popular Norton’s Café at Walsingham. The weather was even better than forecast with sunny clear blue skies for the whole ride and mild temperatures boosted by the sun, ideal while waiting around at puncture stops, but more of those later!

Andrew B was the designated leader but had been struck down with a heavy cold, maybe due to the previous weeks ride in rain and wind and so missed the best day of winter so far. Mark took over the pathfinding role, with a conventional route out to Kelling and Salthouse Heath, then Cley Newgate, Glandford ford, Wiveton Downs, Saxlingham, Field Dalling, Binham, Copy’s Green, Gt Walsingham ford and a little loop to the West of Walsingham to join the Egmere Road back into Walsingham.

Norton’s was fairly busy on arrival but we got a table indoors fortunately and the food was good and filling. The beef stew is still excellent Kevin!

The route home started a little differently, going via the ford at Houghton St Giles, up to Gt Snoring, then Thursford Green, Gunthorpe, Brinton, Stody, Hunworth and up the hill to Edgefield. It was decided to save some time and a couple of miles by deviating off the planned route and going the traditional route back to Baconsthorpe, where Duncan headed back to Holt. Leaving three to climb the hill to Geoff’s Corner and then Red Barn Lane back to PC.

And now to John S and his punctures, two in fact, both in his rear Conti Gatorskin. The first cry of Puncture! came less than a couple of miles from Walsingham and despite John urging us to carry on, we decided to stay to offer moral support and plenty of free advice, none of which was taken! 

Puncture number two was as we turned onto Red Barn Lane, so again within a couple of miles of our destination. Once more John urged us to carry on, but it fell on deaf ears as we still had more advice to give as the sun began to set. Despite our best efforts, John was fixed and ready to go in no time (probably due to his earlier practice). Both punctures looked as if they had been caused by best Norfolk flint and were separate punctures. Better luck next week John.

Excellent weather and good company made for an enjoyable winter ride.

PC to PC was 43 miles with an average of 13.7mph and 1800 ft/549m of climbing.

John S, Duncan, Graham A and Mark

Club Ride to Hill Top Cafe at Rackheath – Leader Robert Nixon – 2 December 2015

Club Ride to the Hill Top Café at Rackheath – Leader Robert Nixon 2 December 2015

Seven riders came to Pretty Corner to follow Roberts’s club ride to Rackheath. This is one of the longer Wednesday club rides of the year and with the weather being unseasonally warm for December it was one not to be missed. On route we came to cross the busy A140 when a kindly motorist flashed us to cross. This kind motorist was none other than “Gentleman Geoff Paice”, President and one time ace club rider. We continued down many minor roads which were a challenge due to the state of them (mud, mud and leaves which were not on the line but in piles everywhere we rode). Eventually we arrive at the café on the outskirts of Rackheath and decided to sit outside making the most of the clement conditions.

The Hill Top Café must surely be a contender for the “best valued cafes” in Norfolk – a rival to The Forget Me Not café at Lenwade. Meals gigantic were served at very reasonable prices and tea was but £1 per cup. It was remarkable how much food some members were able to consume and still find power in their legs to hammer home.

Club member MS joined us at the café making a total of nine which is a good number for this time of the year. We still however have room for a few more.

After lunch it was back on our bikes and a quick ride to Coltishall, over the bridge then up to the HM prison and then down past The Goat before riding up to Banningham and then onto more minor muddy roads to Sheringham.

A really good ride, thanks Robert. Most remarkable in that despite the poor condition of the roads not one puncture! Now that does take organising!

Nuff said !!!

Puncture 0, 50 miles, Weather: Sunny and windy!

Club Ride to Pensthorpe WildLife Park – Leader Geoff Poulter 28 November 2015

Club Ride to Pensthorpe WildLife Park – Leader Geoff Poulter 28 November 2015

With the weather pattern similar to last week it was again a club ride to beat rain and strengthening wind forecast for later in the day. Unfortunately only three riders decided to brave the element for a club run that is normally popular with most.

We left Pretty Corner and rode straight into a head wind going down to Briston (riding the long way round via Edgefield). At Briston we rode round to the Beck and then along the long road to kettlestone before turning left to the Park.

At the Park DISAPPOINTMENT when we learnt that meals and hot food would only be served after 12.30 ! due to the pre booking of Chrismas lunches. So, sandwiches and a rouge bowl of soup later we were ready to ride again when MP arrived.

One rider decided to stay and another two agreed to head for home with the expectation that they would meet on the road somewhere – but they never did !. We rode home via Hindringham, Sharrington and then finally Sheringham. Getting home before serious rain and wind.

My thanks to Harvey, John H and Mike P for coming on the ride which was in less that convivial weather

Puncture 0, 49 miles, Weather: windy and very cold

Club Ride to the Norton Café at Walsingham – Leader Trevor Neild 25 November 2015

Club Ride to the Norton Café at Walsingham – Leader Trevor Neild 25 November 2015

Seven club members met with TN for a ride down to The Norton Café. The route started out a little strange but soon took us on some familiar roads going down to Briston and then Kettlestone where we crossed the main road and proceeded down to the Snorings and then Walsingham and the café. Just beforehand one rider had the remarkable “luck” to acquire a tin tack in his front tyre. Just in time for Christmas !.

After lunch we rode home going via some minor roads to Brinton, Sharinghton and beyond. Before we arrived at Sheringham a sudden rain storm hit the riders sending them for cover as the temperature plunged.

In all an interesting club ride – good route but rubbish weather – even for November

Many thanks Trevor

Puncture 1, 35 miles, Weather: windy and very cold with rain to boot !

Club Ride to The Old Railway Station – Leader John Dimascio 18 November 2015

Club Ride to The Old Railway Station – Leader John Dimascio 18 November 2015

With the weather forecasters predicting wind speeds of 40 + there was some doubt as to whether   the club run would actually take place. After a number of emails and telephone calls the decision was taken to go ahead with the proviso that we were all back by around 2.00 pm when it was predicted that the storm would be at its srongest. Seven riders assembled at Pretty Corner to join John D on his masterly ride to Reepham avoiding being blown off course by skilfully using the hedges to our advantage.

Shortly after the start, just up the hill and into the teeth of the head wind, we noticed that one of our party was missing. Unfortunately TN’s free wheel had decided to completely free wheel and with a conviction that would have won him an Oscar he regretfully said that could not come with us.

Now reduced to seven we hugged the hedgerows for some protection as the wind strengthened.

Finally, we arrived at the café for a welcomed break having ridden some twenty hard miles.

Mindful of the time, we left the café and rode to Briston with the wind still SSW so it was on our side but not in our face. After Briston the wind became a friend rather than foe as it now powered us home to Sheringham.

In conclusion a day that could have been lost was in fact won and a good ride was had by all.

Many thanks John

1 puncture, 40 miles, Weather: windy but dry