Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 11 March 2020

Words by Robert

5 started at PC and headed south west directly into the wind, before turning east at Foulsham.

With the wind behind us we flew towards Reepham and Cawston.

At All Things Nice we met John and Kay for lunch.

After lunch 4 of us headed back to PC.

Alan, Andrew B, John S, Mark, Robert

38.5 miles PC to PC

Many thanks to Robert for leading the ride and for his succinct report!

Club Run to The Horse and Groom at Tunstead 4 March 2020

With light winds, dry conditions and sunshine 5 Wheelers were looking forward to Malcolm’s ride even after he had told them it would be 28 miles before lunch (plus the extra miles that one or two had put in to get to PC)!

The outward route was Lower Gresham to Metton followed by the long and straight Topshill Road to Thorpe Market. We then took the lanes to Lower Street, Trunch, Knapton, Paston Green and Edingthorpe Street, crossing the North Walsham Road to make our way to Bacton Woods. As we descended, a lone figure appeared from the shadows coming towards us – John S!

So a group of 6 rode on to Crostwight (the slight detour suggested by John in order to avoid a particularly muddy stretch of road). Sadly we were a bit early for the mile of daffodils so Honing Long Lane was slightly underwhelming with only a few in bloom. However the weather was great so spirits remained high as we pedalled on to Dilham, Smallburgh, Neatishead, Ashmanhaugh and to our lunchtime destination.

The supposed hit in sales of Corona beer was the hot topic of conversation but it was decided that this is very likely to be false news. Apparently though there has been a huge increase in web searches for the “corona beer virus” (sic) particularly in America. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and great service before setting off for the return leg, minus John who had to return home to hosting duties.

A direct route back was promised and that was what was delivered as we passed through Scottow, Swanton Abbott, Skeyton, Skeyton Corner and Felmingham. Turning off the Trans Norfolk Highway we followed Bridge Road to Colby Road to High Noon Road to Erpingham. At Calthorpe Andrew C favoured the Wolterton, Matlaske, Baconsthorpe route home while 4 continued on to Thurgarton, Bessingham, Gresham and PC.

Again a great day to be out on the bikes and thanks to all for the company.

45 miles PC to PC (Max 60+ Andrew C wins this week’s gold star by a short head)

Alan, Andrew B, Andrew C, John S, Kevin, Malcolm


Club Run to The Three Horseshoes at Warham 26 February 2020

A cool north westerly brought dry, bright and breezy conditions for the 4 Wheelers who met at PC for Malcolm’s ride to Warham. Best wishes to Mark who couldn’t join us and lead the ride today due to a family commitment.

The route there and back allowed for few deviations or loops which meant that any extra miles would have to be tagged on to the end!

So the outward leg was Geoff’s Corner to High Kelling, Wiveton, Langham, Cockthorpe and Stiffkey (with the inevitable traffic problems to which we were slightly amused observers) followed by a brief foray on the Coast Road before taking the Stiffkey Road to our lunchtime destination.

An open fire and a friendly welcome followed by hearty food prepared us well for the return leg. Following a familiar path we passed Binham, Bale, Sharrington, All Saints Church, St Andrew’s Church, St Mary’s Church and the Stody Estate. Now feeling spiritually fit we pedalled on aided by a welcome tailwind to Edgefield and Plumstead and then to the junction of Mill Road and Red Barn Lane. Alan, nursing a chesty cough, decided on the West Beckham route back to PC. Kevin accompanied Malcolm to Bessingham, Aldborough, Erpingham, Colby and Suffield before he turned into the wind for home.

Although breezy (again) it was a good day to be out on the bikes. The roads were more about fallen debris than mud so not too much bike cleaning.

38 miles PC to PC (45 miles PC to Suffield)

Alan, Andrew C, Kevin, Malcolm

Club Run to The Crown at Banningham 19 February 2020

Five Wheelers met at PC for Kevin’s ride to Banningham.

Route out; Lower Gresham, Metton, Felbrigg, Crossdale Street, Northrepps, Southrepps, Trunch, Knapton, Paston Green, Edingthorpe Street, Bacton Woods, Briggate, Lyngate, Worstead, Swanton Abbott, Skeyton, Tuttington, Banningham. The last 10 miles was a mixed bag as we battled against a fairly strong headwind until we turned for Tuttington and then benefitted from a cross/tailwind to our lunchtime destination.

The Crown was busy but we found ourselves a table not far from the bar and we didn’t have to wait too long for our food. Conversation was mostly about the pros and cons of e-cars and the environment in general. We came to the conclusion that we (society) all had to decide what we were going to give up to try and slow down the almost inevitable destruction of the planet as we know it and on that note paid up and set off for the return leg.

There was a split at Colby and just 4 returned to PC by way of Alby Hill, Thurgarton, Bessingham and Gresham.

Many thanks to Kevin for leading today’s ride.

Roads were mainly dry; the morning sunshine gave way to a cloudy and cooler afternoon but at least we missed the showers later on.

40 miles PC to PC

Andrew B, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Stephen

Club Run to The Blue Bell at Langham 12 February 2020

As Ciara fades away and Dennis has yet to arrive there was respite from the very strong winds, not to mention the rain and snow, as 5 Wheelers met at PC in bright but still very blustery conditions for Andrew’s ride to Langham. Due to an unfortunate incident last week, when Andrew’s winter bike suffered damage after it fell from a car mounted bike rack, he was on his summer bike. Conditions were also dry so all was well.

We followed a familiar path through Baconsthorpe and Hempstead to the outskirts of Holt before turning south westwards and the Hunworth Road to The Green and Stody. Thereafter Briningham, Melton Constable and Hindolveston. Then came a fairly tough stretch as we turned to follow the Fulmodeston Road to Croxton. After crossing the busy A148 we passed the Little Snoring Airfield and on to Thursford, Bale, Field Dalling and Langham. Andrew had maintained a good pace and after 28 miles from PC we were all looking forward to a rest, especially Malcolm who was suffering a lower back problem!

The Blue Bell was busy but the service excellent and we enjoyed a good refuel before stepping out into that cold wind to begin the return leg – at least it would be a tailwind! We made our way to Letheringsett and then the A-road to take us up to Holt. Using the old Cromer Road we soon left Holt before joining a cycle path alongside the A148 to High Kelling. At this point we said goodbye to the two Andrews and Malcolm led the trio up to Geoff’s Corner where the final split left 2 heading towards West Beckham and Sheringham and one lone rider continuing on to the junction of Red Barn Lane and Mill Road and thus almost completing the circuit back to PC.

Benefitting from a tailwind for most of his journey home, Malcolm didn’t feel too bad on arrival and still managed a bit of bike preening before a welcome hot shower!

Many thanks to Andrew for leading us on a great route and thanks to all for the company.

40 miles PC to PC (63 miles max)

Andrew B, Andrew C, Kevin, Malcolm, Mark

Drive and Ride to The Staithe and Willow at Horning 5 February 2020

ride 5 Feb

Words by John S

There are some winter days when the weather conditions are perfect for cycling and this was one of them – and a Drive and Ride to boot! Marvellous!

8 met at the old Honing Station to follow John S on a ride that would take in lanes not normally travelled on Wednesdays.

Off we set on little lanes to Spa Common, up the hill past Bacton Woods and on to Walcott before dropping down to Ingham and Hickling. The A149 was crossed between Potter Heigham and Catfield but we had a bit of bother after this. One of the lanes on the route as we approached Horning was nothing more than a track with a gate barring passage. After a bit of deliberation, John opted to take it and so was launched the cyclocross section of the club! Still, it was a short stretch and mud can easily be removed from cleats!

The Staithe and Willow is situated in a most pleasant spot and the sunny conditions with little wind made it a really nice place to be; which is good, because after refuelling well, Alan noticed that his rear tyre was too flat at the bottom. It was speedily sorted, though, and off we set to return using a southern loop that passed just to the north of Wroxham and Coltishall before turning east at Skeyton. Here, Kevin left us and headed off back to Sheringham – yes, he had cycled over and easily claimed the “most miles” prize*.

Thereafter, it was Swanton Abbott and Worstead before getting back to Honing

42 miles Station to Station

Alan, Andrew C, Barry, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Robert, Stephen

8 Wheelers, 4 vehicles and 1 e-bike

Good company + (mostly) unfamiliar territory + a day when the weather gods are smiling = a super day out.

* After narrowly missing out on a few occasions in the past, this week’s gold star is awarded to Kevin after recording a creditable 75 miles.

Wheelers Drive and Ride 5th February 2020 

We will meet at the Weavers Way Car Park at the old Honing Station (which is closer to Briggate).  We will ride off at 10:30 am as normal.


You will most likely be approaching from North Walsham on the A149.  Take the left turn into Station Road towards Honing.  The turn is signposted Honing and Briggate.  To the right is Worstead.  This is a junction most of you will recognise.  Pass through Briggate and over the small bridge over the North Walsham and Dilham canal.  The car park is about 200m on the left after you have gone over the canal.  It’s easy to spot.  Putting NR28 9QX into your sat. nav. will get you close.

Here’s a Street View image of the entrance.

See you there!




Club Run to All Things Nice at Cawston 29 January 2020

On a day that was cold, but not too cold, and windy, but not too windy, and certainly bright and sunny, 6 Wheelers met at PC for a ride to a firm favourite that never disappoints!

Unfortunately David didn’t feel up to joining us so Malcolm stepped up at the last minute to lead the group. A few suggestions for the route came flying in and gave Malcolm enough ideas for a 20 – 25 mile outward leg.

East Beckham, Bessingham, Thurgarton, Alby Hill, Alby, across the A140 and the shortcut to White Post Road, Suffield, Colby, Banningham, Tuttington, Oxnead, Mill Road to the A140, Allison Street to High Street and to the Buxton Road, Eastgate and Cawston.

It’s fair to say that the whole group had worked up a good sweat pedalling directly into a stiff headwind along the Buxton Road. Apart from the odd stretch or two the roads had been clear of both water and mud and we parked our almost sparkling bikes before enjoying a great lunch at the café.

We had to keep a firm grip on the bars for the first part of the return leg through Crabgate, Thurning and up to Briston due to the crosswind but turning towards Edgefield the wind was very much on our backs. The tailwind was very welcome as we made our way to Plumstead and afterwards the Barningham Road, which Malcolm continued to follow to Gresham and homewards, while the remainder of the group carried on up to Plum Lane and then Red Barn Lane back to PC.

Alan, Andrew B, John S, Kevin, Malcolm, Stephen.

40 miles PC to PC (60 miles max)

Just one technical today – a headset that needed tightening as a temporary measure before a probable bearing replacement. Good luck with that one John!

Hopefully no one will mind Malcolm awarding himself this week’s Gold Star for both highest recorded mileage and for being the substitute leader for the day.

Club Run to The White Lady at Worstead 25 January 2020

As two waited for one more at PC the lonesome rider appeared, struggling slightly with a dodgy freewheel – yes freewheel and not freehub – he was on a retro steel framed bike! We hoped that we could make it to the pick up point at Erpingham and indeed we did via Lower Gresham and Aldborough.

We picked up one more at Erpingham and decided that a bike swap would be a good idea as Brian lives only a short distance away. However the freewheel seemed to be behaving itself so we made our way, led by Malcolm, to the Blickling Road passing through Ingworth on the way. The freewheel gave up again so Brian did the decent thing and told us to carry on and he would “limp” back home.

Our route took us to Silvergate, Oulton Street, Cawston, Eastgate, Buxton, Badersfield, Swanton Abbott and on to a new lunchtime destination (thanks to Geoff for the suggestion). Brian rejoined us and David also turned up for the social gathering before he headed off to Wroxham.

John also had things to do and left early leaving just 3 to complete the return leg; Lyngate, Briggate, Honing, Crostwight, Edingthorpe Street, Paston Green, Knapton and then the B1145 to Swafield and the outskirts of North Walsham (before turning off the by-pass into Lyngate Road).

We followed the back lanes stopping briefly opposite the Antingham Ponds as we seemed to have lost one rider after he had stopped for a call of nature, We soon caught up with each other again and proceeded to Antingham, Suffield and the perimeter of Gunton Park before taking the Hanworth Timber Co shortcut to the A140, crossing to join the road to Aldborough. Brian then took us on a detour on back lanes and there was a split as one rider headed back to PC and home while the other two retraced their tracks to Suffield and home.

Brian, Geoff, John S, Malcolm. David C at the pub

54 miles PC to PC (66 miles max)

Dry roads but plenty of mud to clog up the mudguards!