AGM 21st October 7.30pm

Just a quick reminder that the North Norfolk Wheelers AGM is 19:30 next Thursday (21st) at Sheringham Community Centre.

Due to the pandemic we have not met up for over 20 months. Given this gap, we have decided to hold our AGM now rather than in January. Although things have continued to tick over as usual it would be good to get feedback from the membership on how the club should develop.

For example, due to Covid we’ve made a number of changes to our time trials which have actually proved quite popular. We propose to continue with block payments, members ‘numbers’, online start-sheets and results. Are you happy with this? We would welcome your feedback next week.

Our regular weekly rides have continued and appear to be as popular as ever. Are some tweaks required or is everyone happy to continue as we are? Please come along and discuss this if you feel we could improve anything.

It has often been mooted that the club would benefit from the occasional social get together or maybe just the occasional coffee! How do you feel about this?

Financially, the club is benefiting from strong interest in our time trials. How would you like to spend this money? For example, we could subsidise a winter spinning group at our nice new shiny sports centre in Sheringham – if it ever opens!  Or we could sponsor a small club racing team? We don’t want to just sit on money in the bank (within reason).

Please come along next week and give us your thoughts on these or any other matters.

**North Norfolk Wheelers AGM 21st October**

North Norfolk Wheelers CC 2021 AGM will be held at 19:30 on Thursday 21st October at Sheringham Community Centre on Holway Road. We hope you can all make it as it’s been a while since we have been able to meet. The agenda will be circulated nearer the date but if you would like to add any topic for discussion please let the club or Nigel Walsh know.

10m TT Results 21 Sept 2021

10m TT B5/10 Pretty Corner   21/9/21

No. Name Club Time Handicap

5 Payne, R Guest 21.37  

10 Padfield, Mike NNW 21.43 21.04

4 Hurr, Phil NNW 23.26 21.33

9 Johnson, Ben ECR 24.09 22.18

3 Knowles, Andrew NNW 24.24  

8 Nigel Walsh  NNW 24.25 22.00

7 Morgan, John  NNW 25.06 22.09

6 Thorold, Guy NNW 26.46 22.25

1 Jay, Sarah NNW 27.02 22.17

2 Daykin, Tim NNW 28.00 21.28

TT start list 14th Sept

10m TT B5/10 Pretty Corner   14/9/21 – 6pm  

No. Name Club Time

1 Towning, Susie NNW  

2 Daykin, Tim NNW  

3 Humphreys, Kevin Sherwood CC  

4 Marshall, Amanda NNW  

5 Knowles, Andrew NNW  

6 Thorold, Guy NNW  

7 Jay, Ady NNW  

8 Jay, Sarah NNW  

9 Johnson, Ben ECR  

10 Padfield, Mike NNW  

11 Platts, Brian NNW  

12 Morgan, John NNW  

13 Walsh, Nigel NNW  

14 Denny, Graham NNW  

15 Harrowing, Paul NNW  

16 Watkins, Phil NNW  

TT start list 7th Sept

10m TT B5/10 Pretty Corner 7/9/21 – 6.30pm 
1Towning, SusieNNW 
2Daykin, TimNNW 
3Maynard, JonNNW 
4Marshall, AmandaNNW 
5Hayward, JohnNNW 
6Thorold, GuyNNW 
7Knowles, AndrewNNW 
8Jay, SarahNNW 
9Johnson, BenECR 
10Padfield, MikeNNW 
11Kondor, GaryGuest 
12Morgan, JohnNNW 
13Walsh, NigelNNW 
14Denny, GrahamNNW 
15Harrowing, PaulNNW 
16Watkins, PhilNNW 
17Payne, RGuest 
18Sparrow, Jamie (20)KLCC 

Pretty Corner 10m TT results 31st Aug

10m TT B5/10 Pretty Corner 31/8/21 – 6.30pm  
18Sparrow, JamieKLCC21.29  21 38
10Padfield, MikeNNW21.59  21 20
7Payne, RGuest22.31 
16Watkins, PhilNNW22.49  22 17
14White, KevinGuest23.02 
15Harrowing, PaulNNW24.2  22 21
5Hayward, JohnNNW25.58  22 22
3Maynard, JonNNW26.16  21 50
4Marshall, AmandaNNW27.33  22 19
8Jay, SarahNNW27.44  22 59
6Thorold, GuyNNW27.48  24 27
11Platts, BrianNNW28.05  23 42
2Daykin, TimNNW29.05  22 33