Annual Awards Night 29th Jan 2021

Hosted by acting Chairman Nigel Walsh the awards night kicked off with a summary of club TT highlights of the season (see transcript below) followed by the virtual handing out of the trophies. The keepsakes this year were finely engraved wooden plaques, with the real trophies awaiting engraving whenever this is possible. This was followed by some lively chat on upcoming racing, comparing training (or lack of), lockdown haircuts and beverage preferences. Roll on the spring for some more club rides and TT action!


BAR (Best All Rounder) – Outright Winner   Mike Padfield
BAR – Handicap   Mark Watson
Albert Lefever Trophy (fastest 25 mile tt on our course)   Mike Padfield
Pat Ash Trophy (fastest 50 mile tt on any course)   Mike Padfield
Hill Climb Mike Kemp Trophy   Mike Padfield
Hill Climb Handicap Trophy  Nigel Walsh
Zak Carr Trophy (Single event best 10m TT handicap)   Phil Watkins
15 Mile Outright Winner  Mike Padfield
15 Mile Handicap   Mark Watson
5 x 10 Mile Handicap Trophy   Phil Watkins
18.5 Mile Hilly Outright Winner  Mike Padfield
18.5 Mile Hilly Handicap   Mark Watson
David Killingback Cup (most improved rider)   Phil Hurr
25 Mile Handicap   Mark Watson
Veterans 25 Mile Time Trial Cup  Phil Hurr
Albert Gravenor Fastest 10m TT on a road bike  Ben Johnson
Clubman of the Year  John Chambers
Chairman’s Award   John Morgan
George Nash Peddler’s trophy  Malcolm Stanley
Fastest 1st Claim lady rider                                                    Sarah Jay

Highlights of the 2020 Club TT racing season

At the end of March we sneaked in one TT before Lockdown 1 – Three wheelers Graham Denny, Phil Watkins and Mike Padfield won the team prize at the early season Breckland 10m TT.  

Our 2020 club events eventually got going in mid-July with our Pretty Corner 10m TT.  After reading pages of the Covid rules, 30 riders got the start line ready for action.  Guest Tom Roper led the pack with a 21.21 followed by local pro-triathlete Kim Morrison with a 21.27.

Next time out pro-triathlete Sam Proctor dipped under 21 minutes, with Jamie Sparrow on fine form with a 21.31.  Sarah Jay was consistently faster than in 2019 and improved as the season progress.  Phil Watkins had a good winters training and this improvement on 2019 led him to win the Zak Carr trophy (fastest on handicap) in early August.

The second outing on our new 25m TT course had notably with 8 riders dipping under the magic hour, not bad for a lumpy course with 7 roundabouts.  Our acting chairman Nigel narrowly missed out on a sub 1 hour ride on our club course which he aims to put right in 2021 (hopefully!).

Next up was the wettest hilly tt on record which didn’t stop Joe skipper from smashing the course record with a 43.50.  6 riders either gave up or got lost in the rain!  The following week Jamie sparrow dipped under 21 minutes on the Pretty Corner 10.

Road racer Kieran Jarvis got to the top of our hill climb first with a 2.03 with fastest female junior rider Mary Padfield.

Notable open TT results included two fast 50m TT rides at the East District Championships by Phil Watkins (1:50:12) and Mike Padfield (1:49:02), with Phil claiming 3rd fastest VET on handicap.  Nigel Walsh placed 3rd fasted VET on an open 10m TT and Andrew Knowles completed a 12 hour TT with a distance of 238 miles.

With winter approaching, many people re-entered the world of indoor training, posting some top 10 results in weekly TTs and road races. 

No amateur road racing happened in 2020 so we look forward to doing some races this year, at potentially the Fakenham criterium in April and Lotus road race series from May.  The first club TT is hopefully at Pretty Corner on the 6th April if Boris lets us out to play!

Hill Climb Results 18th October 2020

Hill Climb TimeHandicap
(based on Age)
14. Kieran Jarvis NM2.03 
3. Mike Padfield (10)2.11  2 11
7. Nigel Walsh (18)2.26  2 06
6. Graham Denny (17)2.38  2 33
8. Phil Hurr (22)2.38  2 18
5. Paul Harrowing (16)2.40  2 35
9. Rob Kitchen 2.41  2 41
10. Pete Farrell NM2.44 
15. Ben Johnson2.44  2 44
12. Steve Swindon NM2.56 
16. Mary Padfield (F)3.38  2 30
13. A.Coles (F) NM3.41 
2. Brian Platts (7)3.41  3 06
1. Sarah Jay (5)DNS 
4. Adrian Jay (11)DNS 
11. Sarah Sanderski NMDNS 

18.5m Hilly TT Results 11th October 2020

 18.5m Hilly TT 111020  
PositionRiderTime Handicap
117. Mike Padfield 49.57  46 55
29. Kevin Watkinson NM50.12 
316. Nick Partridge NM51.12 
414. Phil Watkins 51.23 
512. Nigel Walsh 53.37  47 16
611. Graham Denny 53.50  48 12
76. Paul Harrowing 54.22  48 01
813. Phil Hurr 54.51  46 18
915. Trevor Caley NM56.06 
1010. John Morgan 56.19  45 01
118. Simon Hardy NM57.11 
122. Pete Farrell NM59.55 
137. Brian Platts1.02.38  48 12
145. Steve Swindon NM1.05.40 
153. Amanda Marshall1.05.55  54 44
 1. Susie TowningDNF 
 18 Ben KeeleyDQ (wrong turn) 
 4. Ben JohnsonDNS 

18.5m Hilly TT Start List

18.5m Hilly TT 10am Pick up number
1. Susie Towning 
2. Pete Farrell NMY
3. Amanda Marshall 
4. Ben JohnsonY
5. Steve Swindon NMY
6. Paul Harrowing (no.16) 
7. Brian Platts 
8. Simon Hardy NMY
9. Kevin Watkinson NMY
10. John Morgan (no.13) 
11. Graham Denny (no.17) 
12. Nigel Walsh (no.18) 
13. Phil Hurr (no.22) 
14. Phil Watkins (no.14)Y
15. Trevor Caley NM
16. Nick Partridge NM
17. Mike Padfield (no.10) 

TT start List 22nd Sept

22nd Sept 10m TT Pretty Corner 6pm startPick up disposable number at sign on?
1. Susie Towning 
2. Tim Daykin 
3. Amanda Marshall 
4. Sarah Sanderski NMY
5. Sarah Jay 
6. Guy Thorold 
7. Brian Platts 
8. Richard Collyer 
9. Ben JohnsonY
10. Rob KitchenY
11. Adrian Jay 
12. Pete FarrellY
13. John Morgan 
14. Phil Watkins 
15. John Hayward 
16. Paul Harrowing 
17. Graham Denny 
18. Nigel Walsh 
19. Mark van Ree NMY
20. Jake Greatbatch NMY
21. Alex Chastney NMY
22. Phil Hurr 
23. Jamie Sparrow 
24. John Jacobs NMY
25. Jonny O’NeillY

10m TT results 15th Sept 2020

10m TT 150820   
RiderTime HandicapNotes*
20. Jamie Sparrow20.51  20 10PB
21. Kim Morrison21.11  20 44 
15. Tom Roper NM21.28  21 05 
14. Phil Watkins21.32  20 17PB
10. Mike Padfield21.44  21 03 
18. Jonny O’Neill NM22.11  21 00PB
17. Graham Denny22.27  21 20 
22. Phil Hurr23.12  20 30 
11. Alex Chastney NM23.14 RBR
9. Ben Johnson23.21  20 13PB, RBR
16. Paul Harrowing23.29  21 30 
19. Rob Kitchen23.3  20 49RBR
8. Richard Collyer23.33  20 49 
1. Karl Read23.4  21 00 
13. Sarah Sanderski NM23.47 PB
12. Paul Elvin25.18  21 35 
7. Brian Platts25.36  20 40 
3. Pete Farrell NM25.49 RBR
5. Sarah Jay26.03  21 18 
6. Guy Thorold26.47  21 16 
2. Tim Daykin27.35  21 39 
RBR = Road Bike Rules met