Hilly Time Trial 6th June

A dozen riders took on the challenge on the Norfolk Hills on a cool cloudy night, typical of the summer so far up here on the coast.   Fresh from the Tour of Cambridge Mike Padfield took the win by nearly 2 minutes, with Graham Denny second and Phil Watkins third (both with personal best times, and Phil with the best handicap time).

Amanda Marshall got a pb with a time just under the hour.  Christine Cooke just managed to find the start on time but failed at navigating around the course, but said that she had a good ride anyway!

There was plenty of banter as usual at the end of the evening, particularly about the excitement of getting to ride in the new club kit next week….

Thanks to all the timekeepers, marshals and riders that helped make this event happen.

6th June 18.7m Hilly TT
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 47.36  45.37
GRAHAM DENNY NN Wheelers 49.28  45.00 PB
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 49.50  44.17 PB
BRYCE PEGG Alymerton RC 51.37
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 52.46
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 54.22  45.00
KATE LUCAS Great Yarmouth CC 58.27
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 59.00  45.46
TIM DAYKIN Wensum Valley CC 62.35
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 63.30

10m TT Results 30th May 2018

Despite another cool evening, the light winds and 100% humidity helped four riders beat their personal best times.  Graham Denny edged closer to his sub 22 minute target, Phil Watkins was getting back up to speed following illness and Luke Pettit was the most improved rider on handicap. It was good to see a number of guest riders, who are always more than welcome to do our club races.  Thanks to the marshals and timekeepers as always.


30/05/2018 10m TT Pretty Corner
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
GRAHAM DENNY East Coast Riders 22.20  20.44 PB
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 23.24  21.45
LUKE PETTIT CS Velo Sport 24.02  20.30 PB
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.06  21.02
PAUL HARROWING East Coast Riders 24.07  21.38
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 25.03  21.13
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 25.25  23.14
DAN WRAY NN Wheelers 25.36  20.55 PB
JAMES JOHNSON Welwyn Wheelers 26.35
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 27.38  22.39
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 28.48  20.55  PB
DAYKIN Wensum Valley 29.43
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 32.51  21.42

10m TT results 15th May

15/05/2018 10m TT Pretty Corner
Name Club Time Handicap time
GRAHAM DENNY East Coast Riders 23.07 21.31
PAUL HARROWING East Coast Riders 24.20 21. 51
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.36 21.32
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24.38 22. 27
RICHARD COLLYER NN Wheelers 25.01 19.41
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 25.09 21.19
LUKE PETTIT Wyndy Milla 25.09 21.37
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 26.01 21. 28
DAN WRAY NN Wheelers 26.01 21. 20
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 27.22 21. 26
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 27.59 22. 25
EDDIE ROBSON NN Wheelers 28.34 22. 01
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 28.47 23. 00
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 28.56 23. 37
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 30.10 22. 17
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 30.32 23. 59
J.VIDLER Plomesgate CC 31.27
BESWICK TriHarman 32.12

25m TT results 8th May 2018

08/05/2018 25mTT Holt-Fakenham
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOBY MORRELL TriHarder 58.22
AIDEN BOND NN Wheelers 59.17  55.00
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 59.46 56.39
PAUL HARROWING NN Wheelers 1.03.40  55.00 PB
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 1.03.56  57.12
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 1.05.35  52.19
DAN WRAY NN Wheelers 1.06.26
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 1.08.06
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 1.11.42
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 1.12.19   55.21
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 1.17.10
DAYKIN Wensum Valley 1.18.00
EDDIE ROBSON NN Wheelers 1.18.34
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 1.31.01

10m TT results 1st May 2018

01/05/2018 10m TT Pretty Corner
Name Club Time Handicap time
MATT RATCLIFFE Iceni velo 21.35  21.00
ARRON GREEN Tri Harder 21.42  19.38
ROB WARWICKER Tri- Anglia 22.17
AIDEN BOND NNW 22.21  21.22
GRAHAM DENNY East Coast Riders 22.36  20.43
PAUL HARROWING East Coast Riders 23.36  21.07
JOHN HAYWARD NN Wheelers 24.49  21.51
PHIL WATKINS NN Wheelers 24.57  23.16
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 25.33  20.22
MARKOS JANES VCN 25.58  21.17
TONY WITTMOND Tri Harder 26.05
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 26.35  21.39
EDDIE ROBSON NN Wheelers 27.35  21.02
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 27.35  21.02
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 27.5  22.31
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 28.53  21.00
DAYKIN Wensum Valley 29.09
TESSA MORGAN NN Wheelers 29.51  22.23
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 32.35  21.26

18.5m Hilly TT results 19/4/18

19/04/2018 18.5m hilly
Name Club Time Handicap time Notes
TOMMY POWER Richardsons-Trek RT 46.17
ANDREW TAYLOR VC Norwich 46.59
IAN ROBERTSON Tri Anglia 47.23
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 47.34   45.35
JACK BACON Aylmerton Road Club 49.43
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 50.16 44.04 PB
BRYCE PEGG Aylmerton Road Club 50.32
SIMON HARDY King’s Lynn CC 52.52
BECKY SCHOFIELD Tri-Anglia 51.09
DANIEL CROWE Iceni Velo 52.17
JASON   CORNER Retro Racing 54.12 On a fixie!
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 55.01
DAN WRAY North Walsham Velo 56.03
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 59.09 45.55
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 1.00.26 47.17
ADRIAN JAY NN Wheelers 1.00.39
SARAH JAY NN Wheelers 1.01.22
KATE LUCAS Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36 Four up team
JENNIE ANDERSON Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36
JAN SMITH Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36
TRACEY YOUNGMAN Gt Yarmouth CC 1.02.36

10m TT Thursford Results

17/04/2018 10m Thursford
Name Club Time Handicap time
MATT RATCLIFFE Iceni velo 22.01
ROB WARWICKER Tri- Anglia Triathlon Club 22.30
GRAHAM DENNY East Coast Riders 22.53
MIKE PADFIELD NN Wheelers 22.58  22.01
AIDEN BOND NN Wheelers 22.59  22.00
ARRON GREEN  Tri Harder 23.04
PAUL HARROWING East Coast Riders 23.29
BEN WATT Tri Harman 24.12
ROB KITCHEN East Coast Riders 24.17
NIGEL WALSH NN Wheelers 24.29  21.25
LUKE PETTIT WyndyMilla 24.32
JOHN MORGAN NN Wheelers 24.50  22.39
PHIL HURR NN Wheelers 25.48  21.55
MARKOS JANES VC Norwich 26.02  21.21
PETE FARRELL East Coast Riders 26.30
JON MAYNARD NN Wheelers 26.31
CHRIS EVERARD  Un-attached 26.55
KARL VASSALLO  Un-attached 27.29
BRIAN PLATTS NN Wheelers 27.44  22.48
GUY THOROLD NN Wheelers 28.48  23.29
AMANDA MARSHALL NN Wheelers 29.03  22.30
PAUL ELVIN East Coast Riders 29.04
SARAH WILLIAMSON Hemel Hempstead CC 29.10
PHILIP WEST NN Wheelers 29.45
TERESA HARMAN TriHarman 29.50  24.05
SUSIE TOWNING TriHarman 30.20  24.18
TRINE MIDDLETON TriHarman 34.01  22.52

– Cycle to the Moon –

The club was contacted recently to see if anyone might be interested in joining a charity cycling campaign called Cycle to the Moon – Save a Dad.

Here is a link to their site:


They can provide campaign t-shirts to people who sign up and take part. Any support is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any questions please contact Peter Adams peter.a@thisisgoodwork.org

**Club Kit**

We are placing an order for new club kit next week. Planning on getting long or short sleeve skin suits, bib shorts, short/long sleeve jerseys and possibly socks at the moment.

Exact price will depend on numbers ordered but we expect it to be roughly as follows if we get 5 items of each (+VAT to be added to the following), so we will get exact price before confirming order.

Long or short sleeve skinsuit £53 short, £55 long
bib short & short sleeve jersey bundle £65
bid short only £40
short sleeve summer jersey £35
long sleeve summer jersey £37
cycle socks (minimum order of 10) £6

David Carrier will hold the stock and can be collected from him at a time trial or Cromer. If really not suitable when delivered then the club will hold the kit in stock for others to buy.

All will be printed with the attached design (with a couple of minor edits to be completed), with good pads and high quality zips. Sizing chart attached.

Please let us know what you want and size by email nnwheelers@gmail.com as soon as possible thanks!