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Archive results are listed here >>TT results 20182017 tt results, tt results 2016 and tt results 2015


Members and non-members are welcome to ride our time trials.  For all events please sign on at least 30 minutes before the start and you will be allocated a starting time and number to pin on your back.  First and second claim members pay £3 and non-members pay £5 to enter the time trials on the day.  A decision to cancel an event is normally made a few hours prior to the start or sometimes at the start if sudden change in the weather by the head marshal (e.g. if heavy rain/spray affecting visibility or standing water) and will be published on the website and/or our Facebook page (Here).

In accordance with Cycling Time Trials (CTT) regulations we must remind riders that the onus is on each individual to ensure that their bike position conforms with CTT rules, observe the rules and be responsible for their own personal safety.  A helmet and rear light are strongly recommended (and a helmet is mandatory for junior riders).  There should be no warming up along the course after the time trial has started and no U-turns on the road. Full CTT regulations are listed Here.

The insurance cover through CTT is aimed primarily to protect race organisers and committees, including cover for claims arising from incidents involving competitors injuring other competitors or officials during an event.  CTT recommend that all competitors/cyclists should consider purchasing personal third party insurance, either through membership of a national cycling organisation, from a commercial source, or as part of their household insurance.  Details of CTT insurance is listed Here .

There are various club TT trophies to compete for open to male and female riders.

Start and Route Locations

1. 10 mile time trial at Horsford start (in April only) is located just as you come into Horsford from Cawston on the B1149. There is parking available near the bowling club (Click for Location). The Strava route is here > Route

2. 10 mile time trial Pretty Corner/Sheringham start (B10/5R). Coming from Cromer on the A148 there is a large layby just before the right hand turning to Sheringham (Click for Location). There is usually ample room to park. The Strava route is here > Route

3. 18.5 mile Hilly time trial  start is located on the Sheringham Weybourne road. At Sheringham roundabout head west towards Weybourne. As you come out of Sheringham there is a Ford garage called Henries (Click for Location). You are allowed to park there and the start is just down the road outside Splash.  The Strava route is here > Route

4. 10 mile Thursford time trial  start is situated on the A148 at Thursford. Parking and sign on is just west past the garage on the A148 in Thursford, on the north side on the large grass verge (Click for Location). The actual start is about a mile to the east past the Crawfish pub at the junction of the A148 and Hall Lane (which leads to Gunthorpe).  Do not turn in the road, turn into Thursford road opposite and cross.  At the end of the TT continue to the BP garage and turn around here – no U-turns. The Strava route is here > Route

5. 15 mile Aylmerton time trial start is on the A148. Come from Cromer on the A148 and just before Aylmerton turning there is a small left hand turning / layby (Lions Mouth) which leads to the back of Felbrigg (Click for Location). You can park here and the start is opposite the layby. Overflow parking here (Click for location). The Strava route is here >  Route

6. 25 mile Holt – Fakenham time trial go to Holt and head towards Fakenham. As you go down the hill out of Holt on the A148 there is a layby on the left hand side, go past this and there is another layby in front of a barn where you can park (Click for Location). The start is back up the hill, 3rd exit at the roundabout towards Thornage. Head down the road for about 300 yards to the start. The Strava route is here > Route

7. 25 mile Sheringham – Holt – Felbrigg time trial.  Coming from Cromer on the A148 there is a large layby just before the right hand turning to Sheringham (Click for Location). There is usually ample room to park. The Strava route is here > Route

8. Beacon Hill Climb West Runton (BHC/5).  Meet at Roman Camp Car-park at the top of the hill out of West Runton (Click for Location).  Start is at the bottom of the hill close to the sign for the village. The Strava route is here > Route