Club Ride to The Black Lion, Walsingham, Leader Kevin Hornshaw. 6th Jan 2016

Six Wheelers met at PC to follow Kevin to Walsingham.  And, for the first time in ages, there was no wind – must have had something to do with the passing of the sprout season.  However, Wheelers were not the only ones out and about – the hedge cutters were, too!  The first puncture occurred about 200 yards from the start – a record, I believe.  Robert dealt with this quickly and we were off – only to meet David C at the junction of Gibbet Lane and Red Lane.  David was mending two punctures, one in each tyre, and decided to retire from the ride (which he hadn’t quite started!).

But the six were in feisty spirits and shot off towards Walsingham.  It was basically Saxthorpe, Thurning and the Snorings before arriving in Walsingham.  It was a pacey ride – must have been all that “resistance training” in the preceding weeks.  We ended up eating in The Black Lion due to the target venue not serving food.  This was our first visit there but it won’t be our last – it was just right.  Geoff, Trevor and John D met us at the pub, which was quite something, as this was not where we were intending to go!

Suitably recharged, we returned to our bikes for the trip home – only to be greeted by two flattish tires owned by Kevin and Dan.  Still, could have been slow punctures, so more air was added and off we set.  This was a tad optimistic as they had to be fixed in the end.  No matter, punctures are social experiences and the weather was fine.  And so on to Wiveton – where Alan punctured.  At this point we were beginning to feel a little hard done by!

Despite the punctures, it was a very good ride – a good work-out and new lanes to boot.  Many thanks, Kevin.

9 (or 10) out.  41.5 miles PC to PC.  Oh, and 6 punctures!