Club Ride to All Things Nice, Cawston, 2 March 2016. Leader: John Sharples.

There was some discussion about weather prior to the ride with snow in some forecasts.  It looked iffy but 3 Wheelers met at PC.  John S had decided on a short run to give a fighting chance of getting back before the weather turned sour.  So it was Baconsthorpe, Edgefield and Wood Dalling before arriving in Cawston just on noon.  We enjoyed sunny skies and dryish roads.

John D joined us at the cafe where we dined well.  There was a quick look at the weather radar before leaving.  The previous forecasts had been variable and so uncertainly was a feature.  The radar look ahead showed we should stay dry – but this also proved to be a bit out.

The run back to PC was direct and we watched menacing clouds slip to the south west of us.  We encountered light rain about 15 minutes out from home.  This turned to wet rain, sleet and then snow as we got back to PC.  Near perfect planning!  Kevin noted that, given the timing, the snow actually added to the ride – he was right.

Run one (Always Go) rules!

Thanks to Kevin, Alan and John D for turning out.

4 out.  30 miles PC to PC.  No punctures.  Some snow.

2 March