Club Run to The White Horse at Crostwick. 12th October 2016. Leader, Kevin Hornshaw.

I contemplated looking for a suitable spot to build an ark whilst driving over to PC for Kevin’s ride to the White Horse in Crostwick – it was raining hard.  This explains why only four met at PC.  But, rule one is “Always Go” and the forecasting folk were at odds as to how hard and for how long it would rain.  We were right to turn up.

It was off east towards Northrepps, then south to Southrepps (figures!), a scoot around North Walsham to turn south for Worstead and then we dropped down through St. James to Coltishall and approached Crostwick from the lanes we normally use when going to Rackheath.  31.6 miles was the distance we pedalled for our first Wednesday ride to the White Horse.  There was a lot of water and mud on the road and we looked pretty dishevelled when we got there – still, we were very warmly welcomed and fed well.

The return was Frettenham and Buxton to put us in Banningham.  From here, it was the usual route home.

Yep, we got a bit wet, and yes, it was windy with seemingly a head wind in both directions, but what a good, hard day on the bikes!  Lots of cleaning to do though – suddenly it’s winter.

Many thanks, Kevin for putting together a really super ride.

4 out.  51.1 miles PC to PC. 1 puncture. 1 new bike. 1 new venue.