Club Run to All Things Nice, Cawston. 16th November 2016. Leader, Trevor Neild.

5 Wheelers met at PC for Trevor’s ride to Cawston.  There was no rain in the forecast and some of the roads were even dry – whoopee!  And we had the welcome return of Stuart – things looked good.

The path to Cawston is well-trodden but Trevor had done some work on the route.  It started conventionally enough with us passing through Gresham and Itteringham.  At Itteringham we turned back north to find CJ riding in the opposite direction – this made him wonder if he had the venue right!  It was then off to Saxthorpe and the use of some seldom-ridden lanes to put us in Oulton for the final push to Cawston.  And push is a good word, because the wind had really hindered progress on the outward trip.

All Things Nice is an often-visited venue where we always dine well, and 4 more Wheelers met us there.  These included Geoff in shorts who admitted that this was a mistake!

After lunch we headed back to PC following the most direct route.

It wasn’t a blisteringly quick ride but it is winter and everyone was happy, which is what we are about.

Many thanks, Trevor, for putting this ride together.

9 out.  32 miles PC to PC.  1 puncture.