Club Run to The Chequers Inn, Binham. 21st December (ho ho ho!). Leader, John Sharples.

Five go for a Bike Ride

Not really great conditions for a bike run – grey skies, blustery wind, a tad on the chilly side.  Still, five of us were up for it.  Off we set at our usual time to follow a conventional route, with Baconsthorpe coming up first.  Here a loop via Plumstead was taken out given the pesky wind and its direction.  But, it was the winter solstice 14 mins after we set off and from this time, with winter on the ebb and summer just round the corner, things looked better!

As we approached Binham, having taken in Stody and Hindringham, a pretty loop was put in at Andrew’s suggestion, which recovered the miles lost at Baconsthorpe.  The Chequers has become a really nice place to go in the recent past, and this visit was no exception.  A busy bar with early revellers, a cosy fire and welcoming staff – very nice.

A short route for the return was opted for – well, it was the shortest day of the year!  The troublesome wind that had impeded us on the outward journey had abated, reaffirming the soundness of the law of Mr Sod!

A nice but short run in good company.  Rule one rules – “Always Go”!

5 out.  34 miles PC to PC.  1 puncture (better tyres needed!)