Club Run to Hamptons @ The Barn, Bawdeswell. 3rd May 2017. Leader, John Sharples.

Just two Wheelers met at PC for the ride to Bawdeswell.; the rest either on holiday or not fancying the conditions.  But, Rule 1 (Always Go) rules and we were glad we did.  A stiff tail wind blew us to lunch quickly.  It was sort of straight there, but with a loop out towards Cawston.

Hamptons is nice to visit, significantly improved since its Park Café days.  Trevor met us there – whoopee! Three out!  We need more.

The return was again straightish, but now with a loop out towards Edgefield and Trevor left us as we turned for Edgefield.  The wind, though, was not now in our favour.  A mixture of strong gusts and calmer conditions punctuated the route home but this did not really matter – the route was nice and we should repeat it.

The beauty of Rule 1 is that it really works, almost regardless of the outcome –  and this time, the outcome was good.

43 miles PC to PC.  3 out.  0 mudguards, but not quite summer yet.

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