Important Notice on “Heads up” riding

The club wishes to remind riders the importance of riding “heads up” when time trialling in accordance with CTT rules.  It is imperative you can see ahead on the road for personal safety and the safety of other road users. For those new to competitive time-trialling please read the rules and guidance in the link below. People do look down from time to time, but there is some persistent head down riding so please review your position to ensure this doesn’t happen in future. Any future incidents will result in disqualification and suspension from club events. Thanks CTT rules

10m TT Start List 4th August 2020

10m TT Pretty Corner 04-08-20
Rider (start 7pm) NAME Pick up disposable number at sign on
1 Euan Douglas Y
2 Tim Daykin
3 Amanda Marshall
4 Phil West
5 Sarah Jay
6 Guy Thorold
7 Brian Platts
8 Richard Collyer
9 Mark Watson
10 Mike Padfield
11 Adrian Jay
12 Paul Elvin
13 John Morgan
14 Phil Watkins
15 John Hayward
16 Paul Harrowing
17 Graham Denny
18 Nigel Walsh
19 Carl Mace
20 Rob Kitchen Y
21 Ben Keeley Y
22 Hurr, Phil
23 Jamie Sparrow
24 Maynard, Jon Y
25 Ben Johnson Y
26 Kevin White NM Y
27 Andy Mascia Y
28 Kevin Watkinson NM Y
29 James Daintree Y
30 Richard Penska NM Y