Club Run to Mattishall on 24/7/2021

Only Geoff, Brian, Neil and Harvey were able to get out for this 100K run calling at Tabnabs cafe, where the food was up to its usual first class standard. The route was by way of Itteringham, Witchingham, Collin Green, Primrose Green, Peaseland Green, Brakefield Green, Clint Green, Etling Green, Sparham, Guestwick and Briston to a three-way split at West Beckham.

Distances: 65 miles to 77 miles.

Two punctures, including a badly split tyre, which was replaced with a spare Michelin Pro 4.

Next week (31/7) we will probably switch to Jane’s at East Rudham, via Sculthorpe watermill. This is for the benefit of someone who wants to do that ride but can’t make the following week (7/8).