Club Run to East Rudham on 21/8/2021

Prior commitments (inc Tour de Broads), injuries and, possibly, poor weather forecasts kept the numbers down for the re-arranged ride out to Jane’s on the village green at East Rudham. Three Wheelers were joined by Beach Runners’ marathon man Jim H on a route that went by way of Baconsthorpe, Briston, Craymere, Hindolveston, Stibbard, Ryburgh, Colkirk, the Raynhams and Rudham Grange to a fairly quiet cafe, where the service was once again first class. The objective on the homeward leg was to keep ahead of an advancing band of rain, which produced only light showers anyway. This was a more northerly route, threading through the quiet lanes via Broomsthorpe, two of the Wensum watermills, two of the Barshams, both Walsinghams, Hindringham, Bale and the familiar villages to Briston, Edgefield, Bodham Hill and the parting of the ways at the south end of Red Barn Lane. This was not the end of the day’s action however. On the final lone miles back to base, one rider was accosted aggressively at Selbrigg by a cocaine-fuelled loon, who was in the middle of the road trying to spark up his rollup. He looked as though he was still on the way back from a trip to Wembley on 11th July.

Bunch: Brian; Mark; Jim H; Harvey.

Distances: 60 miles to 77 miles.