Club Run to Mattishall on 4/9/2021

With Brian unfortunately stricken with CFS, Graham riding audax in South Norfolk and Suffolk and various others either working or injured, it was assumed that today’s bunch would be a small one for the run down to Tabnabs. In the event however, eight riders met at Pretty Corner, including Andrew B, who had decided that today was as good a day as any to sample a weekend club run. The situation was complicated further when it transpired that Ben, Matty and Neil had to be back early, so eventually it was a bunch of five who made it to the refreshment stop. The biggest shock of the day was caused by the golden orb in the sky putting in several appearances. For a number of reasons, the group of eight and then five became split even more than usual today. The south bound route took in Corpusty, Themelthorpe, Foxley, Elsing, Dereham Town FC, Clint Green and Brakefield Green. The food at Tabnabs is still the best, but has become much more difficult to acquire than in former days. The return leg was more direct, travelling by way of North Tuddenham, Peaseland Green, Primrose Green, Collin Green, Attlebridge, Swannington Upgate and points north to Cawston, Itteringham, Bodham Hill and West Beckham, although with a few small detours thrown in for variety.

Bunch: Mark; Harvey; Graham J; Geoff; Andrew B to the cafe. Neil; Matty; Ben on a shorter day out.

Distances: 62 miles to 75 miles.

One puncture: – rear Michelin Pro 4 (tiny sliver of flint).